Must-Haves When You Do Bathroom Renovations in Canberra

Must-Haves When You Do Bathroom Renovations in Canberra

In most cases, people opt to do a complete demolishing when deciding to renovate a bathroom but there might be a few individual components worth keeping aside.

The recommendation from experts in the field is to ask yourself whether you are hoping to redesign the space entirely or merely redecorate. From there you can determine which elements, if any, could be salvageable, particularly if you are dealing with tight budget constraints.

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1. Cosmetic changes or destruction of the Space

The first most important step before deconstructing a bathroom in Canberra, is deciding whether you want to simply change the aesthetics, or you genuinely want to upgrade the entire space. Determining between these two concepts will give you a whole different set of guidelines to follow. 

With redecorating, you will need to concentrate on the colour scheme, updating the fixtures, and changing out the accessories for trendy options. You might even change out the trim with a more architecturally pleasing version, add a different type of window treatment, a new shower door. With these types of upgrades, there is no need for tearing out walls, creating a new layout, wiring, plumbing or electricity.

In contrast, a renovation is what it implies, completely changing everything in the room for a new concept. Where you may have had just your average family bathroom, you may want a luxurious spa which will be a drastic undertaking. In most cases, when you replace one piece in the room, it is necessary to replace the others. For example, if you update the shower and the fixtures, the sink will look dated and out of place. Go here to see how these improvements can bring added value to your home.

2. Remove the soaker tub rather than refinish

Many people today are removing their soaker tub altogether. It is a hit or miss decision to make this move. Some people really enjoy having a bath. Removing it could be a deal-breaker if you opt to sell and the buyers are looking for a tub. It is a tough call.

If you do choose to keep it and it’s in poor condition with nicks or the finish has been abrasively scrubbed to the point of becoming dingy, the best option is to replace the piece rather than reglaze or refinish. It is especially necessary if you are changing out the shower for a trendy, modern variety and the sink is being upgraded. The tub will only stick out like a sore thumb.

3. Tub surrounds

It is said that the “rule of thumb” when it comes to surrounds is to get rid of anything other than tile. With a tile surround, if the material is in good condition and the grout is fine, these can be reglazed. Also, custom acrylic panels are available in different finishes or solids to cover the old surrounds if it’s in good shape or capable of being repaired.

The only reason to destroy a tile wall is if these are not sticking but rather are loose or completely missing or falling from the wall. These are reasons to demolish the existing surround and start from scratch. 

4. Should the toilet stay or go?

If you are merely redecorating, there is no reason to ‘uproot’ a toilet that is fully functional and in good condition. Remodeling the bathroom and removing the toilet during the process is different. At that point, it becomes more sensible to replace the old with new. 

The suggestion is that after a toilet has been removed from the bathroom, it’s important to rebuild it before it comes back into the home. The reason for this is that as the toilet remained in its spot over the course of time, the seals became hardened. When it is removed for the remodel, these seals separate. The amount a plumber would require rebuilding as opposed to installing a new unit makes the decision evident.

5. Saving the sink or moving on?

If you are unsure if the sink or its faucet is acceptable or may need reglazing, you will likely find it to be out of place with the result. Even for those who are simply doing cosmetic work on the room, reglazing a sink touts as not cost-effective unless there is significant value for the piece either sentimental or as an antique. It would be equivalent to reglaze or simply replace.

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6. Figuring out the floors

First and foremost, carpeting should always be taken out of the bathroom. You should only otherwise replace the floors if they are in bad condition and you genuinely do not like them. Hardwoods can often be redone successfully and beautifully and generally tile can be regrouted to bring it back to life. 

7. Fixtures are cohesive

If you decide that you want to change out the fixtures, they should all be cohesive whether you do so in the decorating mode or when deciding to remodel. Even though there might be some that are still in superb shape, maybe you just changed them for some reason, these will stand out as an obvious difference in the space. 

Everything should flow and be cohesive. It’s not only important to keep this space uniform, but if you do opt for a sale, buyers will pay attention to these kinds of ‘problems’ that they’ll ultimately have to address in taking over the home. 

Final Thoughts

When working with professionals like those at Bespoke Bathrooms, it’s important to listen to their advice when planning the design of the space and allow the experts to guide you through the process. 

They’re not only concerned with making the space as close to your preferences as possible, but they try to keep you budget-conscious and focused on which features a bathroom needs in a remodel to make the most impact and give you the greater return on your investment.

It can prove overwhelming for a homeowner in Canberra who is in the throes of renovations to make decisions while running figures in their head. Therefore, you never start a remodeling project of any kind without first going over your concept with an expert and creating a plan for reaching your goals. That is the secret to remodeling success…preparation.

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