17 Bright Ideas To Get More Natural Light Into Your Home
Need more natural light?

17 Bright Ideas To Get More Natural Light Into Your Home

Natural light is extremely important for our overall health and wellbeing. It may help to reduce stress and regulate our sleep-wake cycle. It also happens to be extremely aesthetically pleasing, making our interiors look and feel a lot more fresh and comfortable. So, let there be light by trying out some of these 17 tips and tricks to create a brighter home.

Use Mirrors Wisely – Mirrors are an interior designer’s best friend and an easy way to get more natural light into your home. When placed opposite windows, they can reflect natural light around a room, lighting up even the darkest of corners.

Build a Conservatory – If you have room to spare at the back of your property, you can have a conservatory built. This is a room composed almost entirely of glass that will be flooded with light from dawn till dusk. It will also help to create a more seamless transition between your living space and your backyard.

Opt for Glass Shower Screens – If you have a traditional shower set up (where you have a shower head attached to the faucet in your bathtub), it’s highly likely that you have a shower curtain surrounding the bath to prevent water from spraying out into the bathroom. But you do have other options. As well as blocking out light, shower curtains can harbour bacteria, and give your bathroom a dated look. Instead, opt for glass shower screens from Professional Glass. These look modern, can be cleaned much more easily, and allow light to pass through.

Install a Skylight – If you have a loft conversion, or an extended room that doesn’t have a loft space above it, you can always have a skylight installed. This is essentially a large window on the ceiling of your property, letting light in from outdoors.

Try a Tubular Skylight – If you don’t have a room with a ceiling that leads directly to the outside world, you can always consider a tubular skylight. These only require a small opening to the outside world, but reflect light through a tube instead of requiring large scale direct exposure.

Opt for French Doors – The majority of properties have a wooden door leading from their property out into their backyard. But you could always have French doors fitted. These are doors that are composed of glass in a plastic frame. They allow you to see out into your garden from your living space and remove the need for an opaque wooden door.

Consider Sliding Doors – If French doors aren’t quite your style, you can always consider sliding doors instead. These are completely made from glass, from top to bottom, and slide back and forth. This is also a great option for those who don’t want their doors to open straight into their room, taking up space.

Put a Window in Exterior Doors – Some people feel that French doors or sliding doors can inhibit their privacy. The large amount of glass means that people can see what’s inside your house from a distance. If you are particularly safety savvy, you might want to consider putting a small window in your exterior door instead. This is more subtle, but will still allow light to come through.

Put Windows in Interior Doors – You can always add windows into interior doors as well as back doors. Just make sure to avoid rooms where you require absolute privacy, such as your bathroom or bedroom.

Install a Pet Door – A pet door is a small transparent door placed in the door leading to your backyard. It serves the functional purpose of letting your pet in and out easily, but it also serves as an extra small window in your property that will let light through.

Paint Your Walls Light Colours Light colours reflect light, while darker colours absorb light. This is why you should paint all of your walls light colours if you want to maximise light in your interior spaces. Consider white, shades of cream, beige, or magnolia, or even mushroom for something a little different.

Frost Bathroom Windows – Some people block up their bathroom windows or have blinds in place, so that nobody from outside of the property can see in. But you can still allow light in while obscuring what’s happening inside your bathroom. Just frost your bathroom windows.

Clear Your Window Ledges – Sure, it’s tempting to place objects on your window ledges. They just scream storage space at us! But you should avoid putting anything on them at any cost. Objects will merely serve to block the light that the windows are allowing into the room.

Have Your Windows Cleaned – Mud and dirt is constantly being blown about by the wind outside. So, it’s not all too surprising that our windows can build up a layer or film of dirt on the outside, which will reduce the amount of light that passes through them. Have them professionally cleaned by a window cleaner.

Clean Your Windows – Having the outside cleaned is only half of the task. You need to clean the inside of your windows too. Use specialist window cleaning products for the best, smear-free results.

Trim Trees or Climbing Plants – If you have climbing plants on your property’s walls, or trees growing outside, you will need to trim and prune them in order to prevent them from blocking your windows. If you can’t reach, or are unsure what to do, call in the help of a horticulturist or professional gardener.

Make Your Property Open Plan – Let’s finish with a grand gesture. You could always have your home redesigned to be more open plan. This will remove walls from between the rooms, allowing light to pass from one side of your property to the other a lot more easily.


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