17 Bright Ideas – New Product Spotlight

17 Bright Ideas – New Product Spotlight

It’s great to know about new products and bright ideas to help make your life easier, healthier or simply more fun, but who has time to do all the research?

Here is our 17 Bright Ideas new product spotlight on new and interesting products and services that we thought were pretty cool and thought might just be what you’ve been looking for:

This week we have 4 new Bright Ideas in our new product spotlight:

1. Olaf Pillow Pet
2. Tilda Steamed Basmati variants Brown Basmati & Quinoa and Garden Vegetable & Quinoa
3. LittleSings
4. Sony SmartBand Lifestyle Monitor from Shopping Express



1. Olaf Pillow Pet

Are you looking for toys the kids will love but are more than just a toy?

If you’ve got kids under 10 years old, then you’ll be well aware of Olaf from Disney’s Frozen. He is the lovable snowman in search or friendship and sunshine. Now your little ones can have their very own Olaf as a Pillow Pet. “My kids went nuts when I showed them this picture of the Olaf Pillow Pet!”- Vicki

Pillow Pets are the great cuddly toy and pillow in one. They offer kids a fun, play activity by day and a sleeping companion by night. Two in one – you have to love that. The Olaf Pillow Pet is a must for any Frozen fan.

Freeze falling into stores in the coming weeks for RRP $34.99ea, you can find 16-inch Olaf in Target, Big W, Spotlight, TRU, and independent toy stores across Australia. Remember, if you can’t find your favourite pet in store, check out the Australian Pillow Pet website.

New product spotlight 16in_Olaf_stand


2. Tilda Steamed Basmati variants Brown Basmati & Quinoa and Garden Vegetable & Quinoa.

Are you looking for quick and tasty but also healthy meal options?

Gone are the days when rice took at least 20 minutes to look. Tilda Steamed Basmati rice are pre-steamed and can be heated in the microwave in just 2 minutes but what’s better is now Tilda have two new products in their range that feature the “superfood’ Quinoa. You still get the great taste and convenience of Tilda’s steamed basmati rice with the added health benefits of quinoa.

Quinoa’s extensive benefits make it an increasingly popular food option; recognised as a plant-based protein, quinoa contains all nine essential amino acids, is low G.I., gluten free and 200g cooked quinoa is a  good source of vitamins and minerals such as Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Riboflavin (B2) and Manganese.[i]

Tilda is one of the worlds’ leading Basmati brands and Tilda® Pure Basmati is the UK’s number one Basmati brand by volume and value, bigger than all other brands combined. With over 40 years of experience in buying, importing and selling high quality Pure Basmati Rice, it’s a name that you can trust.

The new Brown Basmati & Quinoa and Garden Vegetable & Quinoa variants complement the existing Tilda® Steamed Basmati range offering a wholesome and tasty snack or meal, which can be heated in the microwave in just 2 minutes, or stir fried in a pan in 4 minutes.  Tilda Brown Basmati & Quinoa Steamed Rice and Tilda Garden Vegetable & Quinoa Steamed Rice are now available in Woolworths. Visit the Tilda website for more information.

[i] Source: Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.): composition, chemistry, nutritional, and functional properties.



new product spotlight Tilda garden veg and quinoanew product spotlight Tilda brown basmati and quinoa

3. LittleSings

Are you looking for that special and different keepsake of your kids?

We keep photos of our kids as a memory of when they were young so why not keep their voice? Introducing the world-first concept, LittleSings: an audio version of a photographic studio to capture precious memories through song.

Imagine if you could have the memory of your child’s unique voice singing your favourite tune? This is exactly the service that LittleSings (based in Glebe in Sydney) offers its customers. LittleSings is a world-first concept, specialising in capturing a high-quality recording of a child’s voice within a ‘grown-up’ song.

The child’s professionally produced recording is packaged in a high quality presentation case, which features a silk screen-printed image of the recording session, along with a mounted LittleSings USB stick and CD, which the child can design themselves at the LittleSings studio. This is all done within 2 weeks of the recording date.

A LittleSings experience would be an ideal present for a parent or grandparent as it truly is a gift that will last a lifetime. It is ideal for children aged from 3-12 years old. For more info of this wonderful and unique singing experience visit LittleSings. Be quick as they have a special offer price of $699 for the whole experience & CD box set (see below pic) including a 20 sec phone ringtone, if you book by 30 Nov 2014.

new product spotlight - LittleSing


4. Sony SmartBand Lifestyle Monitor from Shopping Express

Do you want to get fit but find it hard to stay on track due to a hectic life?

Why not let technology help you in the constant struggle (for some of us) to keep fit. Sony has introduced its SmartBand. Not only does it keep track of everything you do, including movements, communications and entertainment, but it also logs special moments that you have.

Its key features are: innovative Android smart phone app; set activity goals and monitor your progress; core unit containing sensor technology that sends data to your smart phone; wakes you up based on your sleep cycle.

So where can you get it? Try Shopping Express. At the moment the SonyBand Lifestyle Monitor RRP $159.00 but with Shopping Express, their current price is $92.00*

Shopping Express are Australia’s leading online retailer Shopping Express bringing the world of electronic goods and technology to consumers with its efficient service and shopping experience.

For guaranteed convenience, Shopping Express accepts the most flexible and secure payment methods including PayPal, credit card, electronic transfer and BPAY. To protect consumer privacy, a 100% secure checkout system by the most established Certification Authorities is used, meaning customers’ privacy is always safe. Shopping Express offers a 12 month warranty on all items and a money back guarantee if customers are unhappy with their purchases. Shopping Express is proudly 100 per cent Australian owned and operated. (We like that!) For more information, visit Shopping Express.

*Pricing  correct at time of posting but can change without notice.

new product spotlight Sony SmartBand



If you have any ideas or have seen any great new products that you think would be great for our new product spotlight, send us an email.

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