Organise Your Desk with 5 Helpful Tips to Work from Home

Organise Your Desk with 5 Helpful Tips to Work from Home

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A cluttered workspace will often lead to an unconscious state of mind and less productivity. As the coronavirus continues to rampage around the globe, more and more professionals have been working from home. While this is the right executive decision to deal with the ongoing health crisis, it can also have a negative impact on the work of an individual. If there is no semblance of organization at your work station, you will not be able to get to your daily tasks. The desk you work from at home needs to replicate the space you would normally have at your office so there is optimization of efficiency. How can you make this possible?

From DIY organizing techniques, color-coordinated files, an alphabetical arrangement of your paperwork, there is a lot you can do to organize your desk at home. There needs to be an adoption of effective methods and ideas that will cater to all your office supplies and documents in the comfort of your own home. For remote workers, having a stress free space to do their job must be a top priority. As your desk is the main focus and location from where you will be working, you must ensure that it is in the best possible condition.


What is the hardest part about keeping your desk organized? Is it the clutter of bills and paperwork? Or is it your pets or children messing up space? Full home organization is a massive job, so the idea is to take care of your work station mainly. Here are five things you can do to manage your home office without being stressed out and worried:

1.Label What You Can

Your small home space can be made into a well-done work station if you understand the importance of labels. When it comes to desks, you need to orchestrate the storage by adding names and numbers to them. That will ensure that no importance documentation is misplaced, and you can pick out the files as soon as you need them from their designated safe space. The genius behind this is that labeling will allow you to separate the junk from necessary filing, keeping your work a top priority.

2.Clean Your Drawers

All filing cabinets can turn into a fraction of clutter and annoyance if not dealt with properly. For your home office, you need to think of solutions to clear out your drawers and cabinets. You do not have to shove a piece of paper inside the cabinets every time you do not know what to do with it. In fact, instead of housing a personal landfill, you should sort out the paperwork you have and filter down the accumulation. Only keep what is important and needed and throw away what you will not be using.

3. Work on One Task at a Time

Even if you are an expert multitasker, you do not need to burden your desk at home with piles of work. You could shift back and forth from one task to another, making your work station a cluttered mess, or you could focus on one task at a time. Do not try your hand at multiple jobs and fail but allow your attention to be on one mission at a time before you move onto another one.

4. Keep Accessories to a Side

Your desk needs to have a lamp, a cup full of pencils and pens, and some decorative ornaments as well. While this adds to the ambiance of your work station, you need to clear them to the side when you actually get to work. That ensures that there are no distractions while you finish your daily work. 

5.Clear Your Bulletin

You may have a message board over your desk that includes updates and your to-do list. While this is efficient in keeping you updated with your work, make sure it is revamping as well. Only save current or upcoming events listed on the board, so you have a perfect headspace in the morning.


While working from home can take a toll on several people, keeping your desk organized will allow you to mitigate its negative impact. Therefore, keep your area clean, store away essential files, and keep your productivity levels high during this time.

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