Our Easter Egg-straveganza!

Our Easter Egg-straveganza!

It has been a tradition in my household for a very long time to paint eggs on Good Friday. My sister, brother and I would spend the days leading up to Easter in preparation for the Easter egg painting competition.

First of all, we would blow each egg out so there was nothing inside then we used colour dye, paint, wax, glue, flowers, glitter, feathers and stickers to make elaborate designs then our poor dad would have to make the difficult decision as to who would win the prize of $10. Somehow it always ended with someone being unhappy with the final result. I still maintain I won the most years, although my brother strongly disputes this point.

Now that I have my own family, I have tried to carry on this great tradition so this year my 3 eldest kids spend a good part of the afternoon creating their masterpieces:



This year, the kids also decorated the egg cartons to produce little egg holders so we could display our eggs. This was a great idea and makes everything even more colourful but is also a great craft idea for younger kids, like my 3 year old, who don’t have the finesse to paint an egg.

So, this year we ended up with a blue “Frozen” egg, two spotty eggs and a family or egg people. Unfortunately the chicken with pretty yellow feathers didn’t quite make it to display stage.

Do you paint eggs at your house? Why not post us a picture on Facebook?

I used boiled eggs for the kids this year so I will be looking for some ideas of how to use the eggs over the next few days. I always make a potato salad for Easter lunch that includes eggs. Egg sandwiches with mayonnaise is another good use.

Let me know what other boiled egg recipes you like to give me some ideas!!!


Both Sue and I wish you a very safe and happy Easter and hope you enjoy the time with your families.




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