Paella Valenciana Recipe

Paella Valenciana Recipe


Looking for a paella valenciana recipe? Have you ever wondered how to make Paella? Miguel Cuevas from Flavours of Spain Catering have given us a traditional paella valenciana recipe for you to give it a try. It makes for a great party dish. If you think it is a bit too daunting, check out Miguel’s YouTube video where he makes a delicious seafood version. Alternatively, you could get Miguel and his team to come and cook Paella for you at your next birthday party or wedding. It looks amazing!

  • – 400 g Sueca rice
  • – 800 g chicken
  • – 400 g rabbit
  • – 1 dozen of “vaquetes” (snails)
  • – 400 g of (valencian) white bean
  • – 300 g Green beans
  • – olive oil
  • – 1 garlic clove, peeled & chopped
  • – 1 ripe tomato, grinded
  • – 1 spoon paprika pepper
  • – Saffron threads, salt, rosemary stick (optional)

1) Chop in regular pieces the chicken and the rabbit. Add salt. 2) Heat the olive oil in the paella pan, then fry lightly and add the meat pieces. 3) Once the meat is lightly fried, add the vegetables and lightly fry. 4) Add the garlic, the paprika pepper and the tomato. 5) Add 2 litres of water and the snails. 6) Let it cook for 10 minutes. 7) Add the saffron threads and distribute the rice along the paella pan. 8) Let it cook at high temperature for 10 minutes, up to the “socarrat” (burning point). 9) Enjoy the Paella Valenciana with friends.

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