Perfect Accessories To Wear At Your Wedding

Perfect Accessories To Wear At Your Wedding

The wedding day is one of the most momentous times in anyone’s life. It is the day we decide to share our existence in entirety with our better half. The emotions linked to the day are extraordinary; hence, we always wish to make the event as exceptional as possible. The people around us and we make countless efforts to make sure everything is impeccable and flawless, including the venue preps to the shoes we wear.

One essential part of your wedding day is the attire you wear. We all want perfect photographs to keep as a memory of the wedding day. Hence, it is often vital for us to make sure we look our best in the wedding photographs.  

Pulling off a beautiful wedding attire requires various accessories to be adorned with your gorgeous wedding gown. Accessories such as a diamond necklace, gemstone rings, the perfect heels, etc. will give your wedding dress some added prettiness. Without the right accessories, your wedding look would feel incomplete and lacking.

Here we mention a few ideal accessories you can wear for your wedding day to look picture-perfect and beautiful.

Wedding Shoes

‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.’ Shoes are also essential for your wedding outfit. You need to make sure you pick the right style that compliment your wedding gown. You will have to decide either to wear heels or flat-soled sandals. It pretty much depends on your wedding look, and the level of comfort you expect to give yourself on the wedding day.

Our advice: You should schedule shoe trials a week before you plan to wear them on the big day. The wedding day is already nerve-wracking. You do not want to ruin your evening wearing the wrong, painful shoes.


Neck accessories accent your neckline. Brides often choose to pick a matching necklace and earring set to wear for their wedding day. However, you need to make sure the chain works well with your gown.

There are various styles of necklines that you could have for your wedding gown, such as high-necked or strapless. Necklaces look fabulous with low-neck dresses. However, wearing a necklace with a busy neckline would look too much. It is essential to keep in mind the style of your dress before choosing a piece of jewellery.

The primary fashion rule to follow when accessorizing your attire is to keep it minimal. If you go for heavy, studded rings, then you should probably tone down a little on the necklace, or earrings. One should always balance out the attire and not make it look too overdone.  


Anklets are an excellent way to direct the public’s attention towards your feet. If you have pretty feet and love flaunting them, wear either a single or a pair of anklets. If your wedding gown doesn’t have a trail and has a shorter hem, you can use anklets to provide a little extra glam to your legs.

Hair Pins

This year saw the rise of a long-gone trend: hairpins. Women wore various styles of barrettes such as pearl-studded, glittery, chunky, and many others as a fashion statement. Hairpins became the new fashion fad.

A great technique to utilize hairpins is to adorn your wedding updo with them. Barrettes come in many elegant shapes and fancy forms. It will be super easy to find the one that goes with your hairstyle.


Turning into a princess is every girl’s fanciest dream. Wearing a crown on your wedding day will transform you into a queen. It is also a great way to accessorize your hairdo. Delicate and glittery diamanté tiaras will look extravagant when worn with a princess gown.

Tiaras look super gorgeous with an updo. If you plan to tie your hair up in a bun on your wedding day, look into delicate crowns as an option to accessorise your hair.


Following the tradition, brides often choose to wear a veil on their wedding day. Getting a bridal headcover that compliments your wedding gown is vital. You do not need to worry, though, since you have several different options to choose from for the most suitable one for your wedding. Veils come in various styles, including a birdcage veil, laced veil, blusher, a boho veil, etc. If you plan to wear one at your wedding, get the one that best suits your wedding attire and hairdo. 

Discussing your options with your wedding dress designer is also essential since they are the ones responsible for making the bride’s veil along with the dress.


If you are comfortable with the idea of having to hold onto something through the entire event, then the clutch is a beautiful adornment for your attire. Bridal clutches are a tad bit glitterier and shinier than the usual purses. Select a small, ready-made clutch bag or get one made customised for your big day. They will add some extra glam to your wedding outfit.


If you want to give your wedding dress a more vintage-inspired appearance, then wearing gloves will help you in achieving that look. You can get gloves in various materials such as satin, lace, or crocheted, and in different lengths. You will have to judge and choose the ones that suit best to your wedding attire.


If your wedding gown has shorter sleeves or is sleeveless, a bracelet would be an excellent choice to adorn your wrists. If you do not wear anything on your arms, they might look dull and uninteresting. Therefore, with short-sleeved wedding gowns, try and accessorize your wrists with either a bracelet or some glittery bangles.


Embellishing fresh flowers on your big day will give an elegant and classy touch to your wedding outfit. You could either put a bunch of tulips in your hair bun or wear a flower crown, whichever goes well with your hairdo. You can also choose to wear artificial flowers if fresh flowers are not your thing.


To sum things up, looking through all your options and then picking out the appropriate accessories will help you draw out a well-balanced and chic wedding outfit. You can also consult your designer and stylists about what adornments would complement your look more. However, the bottom line should always be to feel confident and radiate poise. Your wedding day will give you numerous memories, enjoy and live it to the fullest!

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