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Pimp Up Your Patio This Summer

Posted May 22, 2018 by Sue Prichard

Now that the summer is finally here to stay, we can start thinking about getting outside and making some positive changes to the space. One of the biggest aspects of many gardens is the patio area, and it can be the focal point of the entire space. If you want some bright ideas to pimp up your patio this summer, here are some for you!

Put A Roof On It

The first thing you can do to your patio space is to turn it into a roofed area of the garden. If you live in a place which has a lot of unpredictable weather it can make a huge difference and allow you to spend your summer days outdoors without worrying about the rain. Great Aussie Patios use Sunturf Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting for their roofing as it is clear so you will still bring light into the space but it is sturdy and allows you to enjoy the sunshine all summer long.

Paving Stones

If you feel as if your patio area is looking a little bit drab and dingy, the easiest way to change this is to lay down some paving stones on the space to make it feel brand new. Sometimes you just need a new base to work with and paving stones can come in all sizes, shapes, and colors so you can be as creative as you want.

Lay A Mosaic

If you are the creative type, why not build yourself a mosaic in the middle of your patio! You can choose any image you like and paint the stones or purchase a ready to build mosaic set for the garden. It will be a huge design feature in your garden and your guests will be sure to comment on it when they come to visit you.

Go Natural With Stone

Flagstone is a natural way to lay down your patio and it will give a timeless look to your garden and give you that style you’ve always wanted for the outdoor space. It also provides a large flat area which will allow you to lay down furniture.

Furnish The Space

Now that you have a base for the patio, you need to look into furnishing the area with some chairs and a table. You can actually buy waterproof sofas online which are ideal for the garden, and you can also buy items like cushions and even bean bags to bring some fun personality into the space and give your kids somewhere fun to sit!

Heat It Up

Once you have a space set up which has furniture and a barbecue for those perfect summer days, there is still one thing you can bring into the area to finish off that cozy atmosphere. A chiminea is a perfect addition to any patio because it allows you to light up some wood in on summer nights and cozy up by the fire together. You can even buy a stormtrooper chiminea online for a fun element to the garden!

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