17 Bright Ideas For Planning A Kids Birthday Party

17 Bright Ideas For Planning A Kids Birthday Party

Are You Planning A Kids Birthday Party? Would you like to make sure you plan something extra special for them this year? There might seem like there is a lot to organise when you are planning a kids birthday party but don’t stress. Here are 17 bright ideas for planning a great birthday party that should give you some inspiration to get started without too much stress, expense and fuss.

Find The Perfect Venue – Unless you are able to host a party in your home, you will need to look for a place large enough for the party. Use the internet to make a shortlist and then start arranging viewings. Think about local parks and halls for a less pricey option.

Set A Date – If you child’s birthday happens during the week, you might want to select the weekend for their party. Consider any after school activities that friends may have when planning a time.

Prepare Invitations – Yes, you can always go to K-Mart or Big W for some bargain imitations but if you want to make the invitations as original as possible, make them yourself! That idea will also help you to save money. You can also get your child to draw their own invitations or send an email for a great budget option.

Get Help – Depending on your budget, you can hire an entertainer to help you out with activities and keeping the kids entertained. You can get magicians, clowns, fairies or superheros, depending on what your party theme is. A great budget idea is to get an older cousin or neighbourhood friend to dress up and help out.

Find The Perfect Cake – Sometimes you want to make the cake yourself, and other times you’ll want to pay a professional. It all comes down to what you hope to achieve and what you want to pay. Ask around at school if any mums might be able to help too.

Create A Party Playlist – You’ll want to play music through the entire party to keep the mood happy and energetic. It makes sense to create a playlist in advance that includes all your child’s favourite songs so you can make sure all the tunes are age appropriate and fun.

Ask Your Child What They Want – It’s important to involve your child in the planning process as much as possible when you are planning a kids birthday party. Make sure you ask for their opinion every step of the way. Think about their favourite foods, colours and TV shows to try and incorporate their personality into the party.

Recruit Parent Helpers – It can be hard to manage thirty children on your own. Ask other parents to assist and make sure you put out some food and drink for them too. They will appreciate it.

Buy Balloons – No party is complete without a lot of balloons and decorations. You can pick them up at ant party store or supermarket. Its always worthwhile to invest in a balloon pump (around $3 at Kmart) or go all out and get helium balloons. You can get a DIY kit at most party stores.

Get A Bouncy Castle – Younger children love bouncy castles. You can get them in so many different themes and shapes. You just need to make sure there is enough flat space at your venue and it fits in with your budget. Make sure you ask the owner about their insurance cover.

Think of outdoor activities – It’s great to get kids outside with all their energy so plan some activities that kids can play outside. Plan the games before the party so you will be prepared. Simply search the internet for party games. If you have a party for older kids, maybe you like the idea of contacting people who specialise in mechanical bull hire or plan a scavenger hunt. You might also want to think about some inexpensive prizes like stickers, pencils and lollies.

Bring on the party food – The children who attend your party will need something to eat. You can always call a caterer or prepare a buffet in advance. Think about balancing out the party food with fruit and water. Always make sure you ask your guest about allergies so you are prepared.  Think about what time the party is on and plan to supply something more substantial around lunch time parties.

Have a gift table – These days, most people open the gifts once all the guests have left the party. Make sure you have a place for everyone to put their gifts when they arrive and make sure you thank them for the gift after the party.

Get someone to take photos – Enlist the help of another parent, your partner or an older sibling to take some photos of all the fun when you are planning a kids birthday party. You won’t want to miss a minute and once the party is over you’ll be able to see how everyone enjoyed the day.

Have a schedule for the party – It’s good to have a running schedule for the entire party when you are planning a kids birthday party. Think about when you will play games, when the kids will eat, what time you’ll sing ‘happy birthday’ and what time everyone will need to go home. This is a big key to having a stress-free party.

Prepare goodie bags – Send the children home with party bags with a few sweets, bubbles, erasers or cookies at the end of the day. That will help to ensure they have fond memories of the event. You can even get your child to decorate a paper bag for each of their friends, add a ribbon and a thank you note and your guests will love it.

Relax – The day of the party doesn’t need to be stressful especially if you are prepared. Have a cup of tea and something to eat before the party starts to get some energy then enjoy!



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