Planning For Your Construction Site Establishment Project

Planning For Your Construction Site Establishment Project


When the planning of your construction project has been finalised, the next step to work on is the site establishment. Whether you have a large or small project, the basic stages in this process are the same. The construction site establishment is like an extension of the plan that you finalised. To start the process of construction, the site establishment would need actionable stages.

What Is a Site Establishment?

The stages of site establishment include setting up a temporary service site area and other amenities for workers, fencing off the job site, surveying the site boundary, establishing security protection, implementing traffic management plans, and finding existing services. This also involves consulting with other service providers and adhering to the local authorities.

With site establishment, it is also important to take into consideration the requirements for the construction of any temporary structures and buildings on the job site. How will these structures affect the project throughout its entire duration? While small projects require temporary site establishment, those bigger projects may entail installing extensive infrastructure on site. It pays to have an understanding and experience regarding construction projects and sites. Otherwise, you will have difficulty deciding the best approach for this, without causing cost overruns and time delays.

You need the help of a project manager to plan and map out the construction project. The manager will be able to progress the job as well as anticipate future work in the said project. Also, a construction site establishment solution can prevent accidents in an unsafe job site or derail the work from the supposed pencilled plan. An experienced manager and a reputable site establishment service provider can guide your construction project to success.

Construction Site Establishment Checklist

For your site establishment, some features to keep in mind are safety signs and warnings and first aid equipment, protection to floors and other existing surfaces, designated areas for rubbish, material deliveries, and so on.

It is also during the stage of site establishment that you need to find each of the main services in the area, such as electricity, gas, and water. It is essential to know their location in the event of an emergency. You do not want to scramble around at the last minute and cause further problems by looking for a water meter.

Inform the Neighbours

When you have neighbours around your construction site, you may want to inform them about your project. Tell them that there will be a bit of dust and noise for a specific duration. If the parking lot is a concern, give them a heads up regarding the deliveries and trucks. There is no need to talk to them one by one personally; dropping a letter into their mailbox will do. By doing this in advance, you will surprise and cause a stir to the neighbourhood, thus saving yourself stress and headaches. After all, you may see those people always long after your construction project is finished.

A big part of the construction site establishment solution is having experienced and trained workers to help set up and maintain the temporary facilities. An efficient site establishment is a foundation of making your project a success. It means organising, structuring, and configuring those facilities that you need on the worksite temporarily to ensure safety and better performance of the workers on site.

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