Popular Traditional Dishes To Try In Australia

Popular Traditional Dishes To Try In Australia

Traditional food is the dishes whose recipes are passed on from generations to generations and become a place’s or a family’s speciality. Some of these dishes have a historical precedent or a customary notion behind them. Sometimes some dishes are cooked on a special occasion, which is related to that place. Preparation of traditional dishes is sometimes part of the folklore of a country. When someone visits a foreign country, local people persuade him to try their traditional dishes. While some people hesitate in doing so, but this is the best part of travelling.

Food in different countries has different flavours and taste. New people may not immediately like it, but they should still explore and try local cuisine. Australia is a vibrant country in terms of tradition, food and customs. Their traditional dishes are very famous, and people who have been attempting Australian cuisine crave for their food even after returning from Australia. Australian cuisine has many recipes which are originally Asian or Mediterranean, but traditional Australian food lies in bush tucker and fresh seafood. An Australian snack box is full of nutrition and serves wholesome food. Some of the conventional Australian dishes that you should at least once try in life are listed below.


Australian food journey is incomplete without the taste of vegemite.  Vegemite is a dark brown spread made from vegetables, yeast and spices. History proves its existence for the last 92 years. People spread a thick layer of vegemite on a toast, and often take it in breakfast. A dense layer of vegemite is a wholesome snack for breakfast.


Australian people love sweets and desserts are an integral part of their cuisine. Lamingtons is Aussie’s favorite amongst adults and children. It is a sponge cake which is covered, in a thin layer of chocolate, and desiccated coconut is sprinkled, over it. It is usually baked and served in square shape and often referred to as the National cake of Australia. Although people have experimented and come up with different versions of lamingtons, a square-shaped cake covered in chocolate sauce with dry coconut is original traditional Australian cake. It is one of those rare food items that schools, institutes and other organizations sell for fundraising purposes as it embodies Australia culture, and many adults have childhood memories related to it.


Another Australian’s favorite dessert is Pavlova, which is a staple food item for Australian on Christmas. It is sweet, and have meringue fruit and cream in it. This dish has a history behind it as people say, it is named after the Russian lady whose name was Anna Pavlova. She paid a visit to Australia and New Zealand in the decade of 1920. It also tells us that Pavlova has been in Australian tradition for over a century. Aussies have come up with a variety of versions of a Pavlova, experimenting with different fruits. Although Kiwis and Australians do not agree on the origin of this dessert, as both nations claim it was created first in their country. Its origin may be debatable, but everyone agrees that meringue-based cakes are having a crispy outer shell and is fluffy center treated to a sweet tooth. 

Fairy Bread

Fairy Bread is Australian’s kid’s most preferred snack and is a must in Children’s party. Fairy bread is white bread with butter on it. The top is covered with plenty of sprinkles. It is usually served in triangular slices and maybe not found in regular bakeries, but it is one of the necessities of children’s parties.

  1. Meat Pie

Pies are famous in many countries, and people enjoy having a pie for their snack. It is one of Australian’s traditional food and is often served while people watch sports matches on television. It is made up of flaky pastry filled with minced meat and gravy. Vegetarian people have done some variations, and they fill their pies with vegetable instead of meat.

Tim Tam

Australia needs a reason to have chocolate. Many of their traditional food items are made up of chocolate. Tim tam is two melted chocolate biscuits, with a layer of chocolate filling in between and all coated in chocolate sauce. Australian refer to Tim tam nit as biscuits, but cookies.

Anzac Biscuits

Anzac biscuits have an inspiring story behind them as its name stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps that battled in World War I. In Australia ANZAC day is a public holiday to celebrate those courageous men who were in the war. Wives of soldiers used to bakes these biscuits and sent them to their husbands. Australian bake these biscuits on ANZAC day in honour of those soldiers.


Australian have a rich taste in food, and most of them have a sweet tooth. People who have visited Australia believe that Australia has a unique taste and the most iconic dishes to offer. Australian are passionate about their coffee too and are a strong contender of the world’s best coffee. Flat white, violet crumble, sausage sandwiches are some other traditional Australian food items. Australian food may be found in other places too, but the taste offered in Australia is unique. 

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