Pram Parameters – How to Get the Right Pram or Stroller For Your Needs

Pram Parameters – How to Get the Right Pram or Stroller For Your Needs

If you’re a new parent, you probably have a whole list of things to purchase for your new baby. From milk bottles, formula, baby clothing, crib items and nursery decorations to focus on, it can be easy to forget that a pram or stroller is also an absolute essential when you enter parenthood. With so many different prams available on the market today, you may be in over your head when trying to decide which one suits your needs the best. Thankfully, in this article, we will look at how to get the right pram or stroller for your needs, so read on to find out more!

What Different Kinds Of Strollers Are Available?

In 2019, we are lucky enough to have a wide variety of prams and strollers to choose from to suit our individual needs. Depending on what you are using the stroller for and your baby’s unique needs, you may have to choose a different option from what your friends and family have chosen in the past. Let’s have a look at some of the different options available in the market today:

Twin Prams

If you’re lucky enough to have a set of twins or just two children in general, twin prams are the best option for you. Instead of having to lug two prams around, twin prams give you the convenience of a side by side solution that can keep both your little ones safe and sound whilst out and about. Since twin prams are taller and wider, you’ll be able to sit both your children next to each other, either facing each other or facing you.

Jogger Stroller

A jogger stroller is the perfect option for any active mum. Jogger strollers have three wheels and pneumatic tires that are air filled (similar to bicycles) and the front two wheels are designed to swivel, giving you ease in moving the pram whilst you’re out on a jog. Jogger strollers are also much easier to push on rough terrains, so if you’re a yummy mummy who loves keeping active, this is the stroller for you. Instead of having to leave the kids home, you’ll be able to take them out with you and give them some fresh air whilst you get your daily fitness needs met.

Layback Strollers

Layback strollers are ultra light weight and also known as pramettes. Layback strollers offer you a bassinet or flat sleeping surface, which is ideal for newborns who spend a lot of their time asleep! You can also opt to have your baby sit up, making this a stroller that is versatile and will be able to keep your baby comfortable regardless if they’re up and about or ready for a snooze!

How Much Storage Do You Need?

Another option to consider when purchasing a stroller or pram is to identify exactly how much storage you will need. Are you someone who brings the whole kitchen sink along with you? If so, you may benefit from choosing a stroller that offers you an easily accessible and large storage area. Such a stroller is also ideal for mums who plan to do the shopping with baby, as you’ll be able to store your purchases in the pram instead of having to lug plastic or grocery bags around with you.

Do You Need Something Compact?

For those who use the car often or are planning on hopping on public transport, it is always advised to choose a pram or stroller that is lightweight, easily collapsible and not too heavy for you to lift into the car boot or onto a bus. A great tip when shopping for prams is to both fold up and erect a pram to see if you can personally handle its weight, and to test if it is easy to carry around. The last thing you want is to be doing as a new parent is spending precious time trying to fit your stroller into your car!

Is Adjustable Height a Necessity?

Last but not least, if you and your partner are of varying heights, a great option is to purchase a pram that offers you adjustable height. Adjustable height handles are a fantastic way to ensure that both you are your partner are as comfortable as possible when bringing your child out into the world!


We hope that this article has given you some insight into how you can go about getting the right pram or stroller for your needs!

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