Prep Your Garden for Summer in 4 Simple Steps

Prep Your Garden for Summer in 4 Simple Steps

Now that spring is officially upon us and summer is just around the corner it is no wonder our attention is turning towards our beloved gardens. Preparing your gardens for the hot, dry summer is really important in order to survive this time of the year that can be pretty brutal on our outdoor spaces. So for those of you keen to get the BBQ season started follow our essential tips on how to prepare your garden for the summer time.

First Focus on Budding Flowers and Plants

First things first you should be looking around your garden for plants that are budding. Budding flowers are the common goal for all fresh and colourful gardens however the summer season can quickly dry them out and plants can drop their buds and flowers really quickly as the weather heats up. Therefore pinpointing the plants that are budding is important so you know to deal with them as a priority. You should be mulching and watering these plans twice a week during hot and dry periods in order to help them continue to grow and flourish under these difficult weather conditions.

Debris Clear Out

The autumn and winter months can lead to many of us neglecting our gardens and that can lead to a lot of build up, which should be cleared away before you can start enjoying your garden again. Work your way around your garden weeding, deadheading and clearing away all the debris that has built up. If you have a large garden organise for a rubbish removal to come and take all this rubbish away for you to make the job really easy for you. Cleaning away all this debris and dead garden matter will allow you to be able to properly see what else needs to be done in your garden.

Keeping Pots Cool

One common problem with the heat in summer is the pots in our garden can really heat up and that can lead to plants dying. Terracotta pots, in particular can really heat up when in direct sunlight and need to be kept cool in order for plants to stay healthy and strong. Therefore you will need to make sure that you are mulching any plant pots around your garden and try to put them in places that are not exposed to too much sun throughout the day. Don’t put pots in water-filled saucers as this will attract mosquitos and other pesky bugs, instead fill saucers with sand and then keep that sand wet.

Watering in the Morning

The best time to give your garden a good watering is at the beginning of the day. Watering your garden in the afternoon can cause mildew and fungi if there is not enough time for your foliage to dry out before the evening draws in. Therefore getting into a routine of watering your garden in the morning will keep your plants fresh and strong.

These simple tips will go a long way in preparing your garden for, and keeping your garden looking fabulous, over the summer months.


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