Product Review “Road Test” – Cabbage Patch Kids – Glow Party

Product Review “Road Test” – Cabbage Patch Kids – Glow Party

Here at 17 Bright Ideas, we are all about finding great things and letting you know about them.  This weeks road test is Cabbage Patch Kids – Glow Party. We’ve been testing them out over the past week and now we can let you know why we think they are a bright idea.

We also know that you are pretty busy so here is what we loved in 17 Bright Ideas style:

Absolutely Lovable  We were the lucky recipients of 2 adorable little Cabbage Patch Kids – Kayla Arianna and Edward Perdro.   As with all Cabbage Patch Kids they came with their own birth certificates and a family history.  Kayla joined the Prichard’s and Edward joined the Radford’s.  My daughter has not put Kayla down since she got her.  Kayla has breakfast with us, she comes to school drop off and pick up, she gets involved in playtime, she has an afternoon sleep and she gets a kiss goodnight.  Whilst trying to get my kids to tidy up Kayla even got a talking too as well!   My daughter absolutely LOVES her, even to the extent that poor old white teddy (the previous bedtime companion) has been relegated to the shelf.   Edward has also been taken under the wing of the Radford’s.  His birthday has been noted in the diary so he will be thrown a party! 

They Glow! – As the name suggests theses Cabbage Patch Kids Glow in the dark.  Kayla has a sleep mask and a crest on her pyjamas.  You hold them up to the light for 30-60 seconds then when you put her in the dark the mask and the crest glow.  The glow is visible enough to be a comfort in the dark but not bright enough to stop the child going to sleep. 

Ohh the Memories – Believe it or not Vicki and I actually went to Primary School together.  The arrival of the Cabbage Patch Kids bought back so many lovely memories of us with our Cabbage Patch Kids when we were young.  Back then they were so popular they were really hard to get.  Vicki’s Mum drove halfway around Sydney to get “June” for Vicki.  She was a “premmie” – a super cute little baldy with a small tuft of hair.  I had Bettina.  I would wrap her up like a real baby and put her in my school bag so we could both play with them at recess and lunch.  Most of the girls in our class had one so we would all compete for who had the best one.

Part of the Family – Kayla has actually become part of our family.  My daughter is the Mum, her twin is the Dad and my husband and I are Grandma and Grandpa.  Big Brother is the Uncle. I haven’t broken it to real Grandma that she is now a Great Grandma, as not sure she will be too excited by that. 

Have they been a Bright Idea?

Absolutely.   When I asked my daughter what I should say for the Roadtest she said “I Love Her”.  Kayla has not been one of those toys you get and they get played with a bit at first and then forgotten.  She has become “THE toy”.

Who are they a Bright Idea for?

Little Girl’s (and some boys too) of any age.  Great for a gift.  The Glow function may be suitable for kids who are scared to go the sleep in the dark.

Thanks to Funtastic for supplying this road test.


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