Road Test: Mr Beaks Sausages

Road Test: Mr Beaks Sausages

Here at 17 Bright Ideas, we are all about finding great things and letting you know about them.  This weeks road test is Mr Beak’s Sausages.  We’ve been testing them out over the past week and now we can let you know why we think they are a bright idea.

Sausage testing – Yum!  Who doesn’t love a juicy tasty hot sausage on a fresh roll.  This week we tested the Mr Beak’s “The Original” – a bratwurst packed with flavor. 

Info supplied from Mr Beak’s was:

Peter ‘Pedro’ Beak developed this recipe from his Argentinean farmhouse so that South Americans could enjoy Germany’s greatest sausage, the Bratwurst. The original Bratwurst was inspired by Pedro’s time in Europe, where he sampled the grilled, roasted and fried delights of Old World butchers who created robustly seasoned sausages from recipes stretching back centuries.

Pedro adapted his collected recipes to use high quality beef for a leaner and more tender sausage that still retained its rich and hearty Old World flavour profile. The Original Bratwurst stems from the same recipe created 70 years ago…delicious hot off the barbie, sauteed with a splash of beer or served on crusty buns with mustard, onion or sauerkraut.

The sausages are:

·      Gluten Free

·      MSG Free

·      No artificial colours or flavours

·      92% beef

The Roadtest – We know that you are pretty busy so here is what we loved in 17 Bright Ideas style:


Tasty, Tasty, Tasty! – These sausages were full of flavour.  These were not your bland old beef sausage that you need to cover in tomato sauce to get some taste – no way.  These babies were absolutely packed with flavour.  They were very beefy (probably due to the 92% beef content) and had a lovely spice to them. 

Loved by Family – My family loved them.  My husband considers himself to be a bit of a sausage connoisseur and he couldn’t get enough of them – literally.  My kids kept eating his.  His comments “ You couldn’t take these to a barbie because everyone would steal them they are that good!”

Great Texture – The sausages had a lovely meaty feel to them.  You actually felt like you were eating a piece of meat.  The skin was very fine and barely detectable.

Cooked According to Instructions – The pack had quite specific instructions about how to cook them.   To be honest I though I didn’t need the instructions – I know how to cook a snag – however I followed them for the sake of a good test.  They worked out perfectly.  It suggests cooking them slow and on low and turning them every 4-5 mins.  They also advise against piercing them.  They turned out juicy and delicious. 

Have they been a Bright Idea?

Yes.  I would certainly buy them again.  We liked them so much we will also be looking out for the other flavours to try.

Who are they a Bright Idea for?

Anyone young or old who appreciates a good sausage.


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