Product “RoadTest”: Nectra Colour (At Home Hair Colour)
Light Brown

Product “RoadTest”: Nectra Colour (At Home Hair Colour)

Here at 17 Bright Ideas, we are all about finding great things and letting you know about them.  This weeks road test is Nectra Colour – Permanent Hair Colour by Schwarzkopf. 

Nectra Colour is a new innovation in at Home Hair Colour.  Its a Permanent colour with no ammonia and includes Floral Nectar and Botanical Oils.  According to Schwarzkopf it provides exceptional nutrition, vibrant colours full of shine, rich colour and perfect coverage and divine floral scent.

Light Brown
Light Brown


Vicki has regularly coloured her hair at home, as well as in salons, however I  (Sue) who lightens my hair has never done an at home colour so I was a bit nervous.  We both tested different colours – I tested the “Praline Blond” (8-45) and Vicki the Light Brown (7.0).

Our hair before the trial was as follows! OMG!!

Before Roots - Vic
Before Roots – Vic


Now that we have horrified you lets move onto the Road Test! We also know that you are pretty busy so here is what we loved in 17 Bright Ideas style:

Simple to Use – It was really easy to apply.  The colour was very thick so it didn’t drip and you didn’t need any special combs or anything to apply it.  The instructions on the box were easy to follow  – even for a complete novice.


Vicki - During colouring - No drips
Vicki – During colouring – No drips


Floral Smell – The smell was lovely! Really! There were no harsh chemicals smells usually associated with hair colours – it actually smelt like flowers.  Don’t ask me what type but it definatly had a lovely floral scent.  We all had a good few sniffs.


Timing – You only had to leave it on for 30 minutes.  That’s quick compared to some at home colours and really quick by comparison to going to a hairdresser.  Combined with the ease of getting it on it made for a very effective and very quick beauty routine.


Colour True to Pack –  On the back of the pack it shows different hair colours and what the result will be after colouring.  I found that the results were very true to the colours on the pack.  Phew – no surprises.  Our greys were fully covered and the resulting colour was vibrant.  Vickis roots were completely blended with the rest of her hair.  As I had previously lighted my hair my roots still stayed darker than the rest of my hair (as expected – Nectra contains no bleach or Ammonia) but it did blend them in and make them much less obvious.


Healthy Hair – after rinsing and using the conditioner supplied both Vicki and I found that our hair was very well conditioned and shiny.  My hair can be very dry due to years of lightening and I found that after the colour my hair was soft and smooth.  Vicki also found the colour very conditioning, and the colour gave a fabulous shine.  The colour contains botanical oils to smooth the hair and we found this worked well.


Drum roll please – Here are the after pictures:


Hair colour after - Vic
Hair colour after – Vic
Vicki Roots After
Vicki Roots After

IMG_1691 IMG_1692


Have they been a Bright Idea?

Absolutely.  The results speak for themselves.  Both of us were left with georgeous shiny hair in the colour we selected!  All in half an hour and without harsh chemical smells and ammonia.  A fabulous result we thought!

Who are they a Bright Idea for?

Anyone looking to colour their hair at home but in particular people who are time poor, or who don’t want to use harsh products such as ammonia on their hair.   People looking to nourish their hair as well as colour it.  So go for it!



Thanks to Schwarzkopf for supplying this road test.

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