Pros And Cons Of Sliding Doors

Pros And Cons Of Sliding Doors

Doors play a very significant role in a house. They provide privacy, security and enhance the look. In the past, people only knew that doors are a part of the house used for privacy and security, but now doors have become a style statement for the interior of a house.

As time is passing, people wish for an extravagantly, luxurious lifestyle that includes a perfect house, car, clothes, and living standards. Therefore, different types of unique and expensive doors are introduced to make a house more attractive.

Door are mainly of two types

  1. Interior doors: Interior doors are the doors, which are present inside the house. They are designed elegantly, and privacy is the main purpose of them.
  2. Exterior doors: The exterior door is the main outer door of the house. These doors are strong and used mainly to provide security.

Slide door

Sliding doors are among the latest and luxurious type of door. They transform your simple house interior to a stylish modern one. This door opens horizontally through sliding. It is made up of materials like aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and wood. It is available in different styles, designs, colors, and sizes.

If you are planning to install a sliding door here are some “pros and cons of sliding door” that you should know before making any decision.


Design and style

These windows have glass in a larger portion, which gives them a modern and luxurious look. The glass allows a wider view from both the sides, ending up as a great décor to your house. You can replace the glass with mirrors. You can also apply fancy sheets or designs on the glass.


A better decision is made when you have more options. There are several types of sliding windows, each having its own pros and cons. You can choose according to the area where you want to install it and your preference.

Following are the different types of sliding doors

1. Pocket sliding door

2. Bi-fold door

3. Patio sliding door

4. Sliding French door

5. Barn door

6. Accordion door

7. Shoji door

8. Bypass door

9. Hard-fiber rice paper.


If you are bored with black, grey and brown colour doors, then a sliding door is the perfect choice for you, as it has a wide range of colours. The glasses are available in a wide range of colours. If you don’t like transparent glasses, you can install a colourful glass as well like brown, blue, pink, green or any other colour.

The colorful slide doors can give a unique look to your house, but if you are a simplicity admirer, then simple glass slide doors will be great for you.

Easy operation

We all have been facing moments where pushing and pulling of heavy doors becomes difficult for us. Now it is time to take a breath of relieve because sliding doors are very easy to operate, and you don’t have to push or pull them.

There are small wheels on the door, attached to the track, allowing a free horizontal movement of the door. All you have to do it slightly move it, and without any efforts, the door will operate.

However, you might require regular maintenance for the smooth and quick operation of the door, which is not a difficult task.

Energy efficiency

These doors have a greater glass ratio, which provides an insulation effect. Due to the side-by-side opening, a strong seal is formed, preventing the heat transfer but light can easily pass through these doors. You can use a double-pane or argon filled glass, which acts more energy efficient.

Quick installation

If we compare this door with the other doors, we can easily conclude that the installation of sliding doors is much easier. If you learn the technique, even you can also install a sliding door because it does not require expensive materials.

This is a good advantage for the maintenance because an easy installation will save your time and energy both.


Sliding doors are made up of aluminum; steel, and glass, trees are not chopped to get wood for these making them an eco-friendly option.

Enjoy the breeze

Sliding doors have two parts, including a glass door and a screen door. The screen door has net type material on it. So when close it with the screen part, it allows the wind to pass through it.

Natural lights

A large area of sliding door is made up of glass, which provides a larger medium for passing the light. During the daytime, these doors provide natural sunlight, and you don’t need any other lights, so it also saves electricity.

Protect from insects

The screen door will protect your house from insects.


The best quality of a sliding door is space-saving. These doors open horizontally through a sliding mechanism saving much space than the other doors, which open in and out through swinging mechanism. These doors do not require a broader space for installation; rather, they cover a small space, making them a perfect choice for small houses.

The wardrobe doors consume a lot of space in a room. Therefore, if you have a small room and you want to save space, then these doors are a good option for your wardrobe. In small bathrooms, you can install these doors for the shower area.

Cheap maintenance

The sliding doors are not expensive to maintain because they mostly require cleaning of the sliding track, which is not difficult to do. Every few years, these doors also require wheel replacements for a quick smoother operation, which is also not expensive.



The biggest drawback of this door is the cost. They are made up of glass, which makes these doors expensive. If you buy a high-quality glass, these doors become expensive. If you buy a low-quality glass, it will cause future expenses.


They have a greater glass area, which makes them easily prone to breakage. They can be installed as interior doors, but it is risky to install them as the exterior main door. Storm or strong winds can easily break these doors.

Easily breakable

If you don’t use high-grade glass, then breakage and cracks are a common problem of these doors.

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning and maintenance are required for the sliding door. No matter which quality glass or frame you have used in your door, cleaning the track is required, which becomes difficult on a regular basis. No one has time for regular cleaning of the track. Due to dust, regular cleaning of glass is also required.

Half opening

Siding doors do not open completely rather, at a time only half part of the door opens. They do not provide a wide outside view.


Every door has its own pros and cons; the selection completely depends on your requirements and preferences. If you think these doors are a good choice for you, then you should definitely go for them.

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