Quick And Easy Book Week Dress Up Ideas
Find some great Book Week dress up ideas

Quick And Easy Book Week Dress Up Ideas

Book Week will be held 19th – 26th August 2017 in Australia with the theme of Escape To Everywhere. For kids, that means dressing-up for Book Week in your favourite character and taking part in a fun school parade. On the other hand, Book Week costumes can mean stress for parents and a lot of last minute expensive purchases. Costume ideas for Book Week can be as simple as getting a few things from around the house and gathering a few craft supplies. Here are Vicki & Sue’s 17 Bright Ideas for Quick and Easy Book Week Dress Up Ideas For Kids this Book Week:

Connect to books – . Photocopy the front and back cover of about 8 of your child’s favourite books. Cut them out and stick the front and back together so it looks like the book. Then, get some string and cut 8 pieces. Sticky tape a piece of string to the top of each ‘paper’ book you’ve just made. Get a hoola-hoop and attach ribbon to make two shoulder straps then attach the string for each book to the hoop so the books are ‘connected’ to your child and dangle nicely around the whole hoop.

‘Dot-to-dot’ book – This is another very simple, last minute idea. Get two large pieces of white cardboard (from the newsagent or Officeworks). Attach two ribbons at the top of the two pieces of cardboard to make shoulder straps for a sandwich board. (Make sure there is enough space for your child to fit their head through and that it sits well on their shoulders). Then draw a picture of a ‘pretend’ book with a title and an author. You can even have fun with your child talking about what book they would like to write. For the picture, draw something simple like a dog or a tree and make it a dot-to-dot picture.

Book detective – Show that your child is connecting to books by being a detective. Give them a hat and a oversized jacket (maybe one of Dad’s old ones) that you can tie in at the waist. An old dressing gown tie can do the job. Give them a magnifying glass and a note pad so they can record all the clues on their book finding mission.

Book puzzle – Get your child to pick their favourite book, it could be Violet Mackerel’s Possible Friend by Anna Bradford or I’m a Dirty Dinosaur by Janeen Brian. Print out a picture of the cover so it is atleast the size of an A4 page. Then turn it into a puzzle by drawing the pieces then cutting it out. Stick all the puzzle pieces onto a large piece of cardboard – make it so the pieces almost fit but leave some space between them so it looks like the puzzle is ‘almost’ connected. Use some large safety pins to attach the two top corners of the cardboard to a t-shirt so your child can wear it in their Book Week parade.

An iPad – So many kids read from a smart phone or table these days. It is the ultimate connection between reading and technology. This is a inexpensive idea but required a bit of drawing. Simply get a large piece of carboard and draw an iPad (or any other brand of tablet) onto the page then print off a book cover of your favourite book then stick it into the middle of the screen. Your child can wear black or white underneath and attach the cardboard to your child with some safety pins. If you want to be more accurate, get another piece of cardboard and draw the back of the iPad on it and make a sandwich board for your child with ribbon shoulder straps.

Silver Buttons by Bob Graham – This book was on the Book Week Shortlist 2014 and is about a special moment in Jodie’s day but you can be a bit cheeky here and take it a little more literally. Why not get an old t-short and find some of those buttons you have in a jar, that you collect from new clothes that you know you are never going to sew onto clothes. Get about 20 and then use a silver pen to colour them all silver and sew them onto the t-shirt. Simple.

King Pig by Nick Bland – This is a fun tale about a bossy little pig. Make a pigs nose by getting an egg carton and cut out one egg cup. Paint it pink and punch holes on two sides and thread through some ribbon so when you place the egg cup over your nose, you can tie it up at the back of your child’s head. Put a few extra holes at the bottom to help with breathing. Add a crown (you can simply make out of some cardboard) and get some white crepe paper to make a frilly collar. Add a towel (purple if you have it) as a cape as a final touch.

The Moon from Kissed by the Moon – Get two large pieces of white cardboard. Cut them into circles of equal size. Get lots of tissues and make up a mixture of ½ craft pva glue and ½ water (mixed together well). Take a couple of tissues at a time and dip them into the glue/water mixture. Place them onto the cardboard circles to make textured mountains and craters on your moon. Use your fingers to create small little bumps and mounds of the tissue on the cardboard. Do this over one side of each of the circles. Allow it to dry completely. Once it is dry, you can always add some silver glitter or add some grey paint to give more definition. Attach the two circles together with ribbon shoulder straps and ties at the sides, under your arms. Then add a big pink lipstick mark on the front of the moon – draw, paint with glitter or print a picture you find online.

Davy and the Duckling by Margaret Wild – Another shortlist book, it stars a cute little duck. Firstly, find yourself a duck stuffed toy that you no double have at home or try your friends. Then dress your child up in yellow (or brown) pants and a red top. To really look like Davy, you need a wide brim straw hat and some gumboots.

Harry The Dirty Dog by Gene Zion and Margaret Bloy Graham Red Fox – This would be a great Book Week dress up idea for twins, best friends or a siblings. All you’ll need is one white t-shirt and one black t-shirt – preferably over sized. Paint spots onto the black t-shirt with white fabric paint and use black fabric paint to create spots on the white t-shirt. If you want to add some ears, cut white and black triangles from cardboard and attach them to a headband with tape.

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein – Find brown tracksuit pants and a green long sleeved top or jumper. Now get some dark and light green crepe paper and cut it into long strips. Mix the colours and divide into 2. Take a headband and stick ½ the crepe paper strips onto the headband to make leaves. Take the other ½ of the crepe paper pile and split into 2 again. Sticky take the ends of each section to make pom poms. Your child can hold the pop poms out as well as one rosy red apple, the trees gift.

Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans – Connect with reading through travel to Paris by having your little girl dress up as the cute and confident Madeline. Find yourself a yellow dress (or yellow rain coat) and a wide brim hat that you can tie a black ribbon around. Team it up with black school shoes.

Playing Beatie Bow by Ruth Park – Connect with reading through the past and dress up as a girl or boy from the 1890’s. For this Australian classic, find an old fashioned night gown and apron for girls, dark stockings and black or brown shoes or a white shirt and brown pants for boys with black or brown shoes. Make their faces look dirty with some bronzer make-up and mess up their hair.

The Wonkey Donkey by Craig Smith – Connect to reading through music and the Wonkey Donkey is a book that has a great song and so much humor kids love. To make donkey ears, get some grey panty hose and stuff each leg with tissues or newspaper. Cut them to a length you are happy with on your child and then tie the open ends to a headband. Also, drape an old grey towel over your child’s back and attach to a grey t-shirt with large safety pins. Then just add some Wonkey Donkey accessories like dark sunglasses, an eye patch, a stick for one leg and a coffee mug and your set.

Dora The Explorer – These days the line between TV and books can be very blurred so often books your children read have the characters they love to watch on TV. Dora is a great example. All you need to look like Dora is orange shorts, a pink/purlple top and a purple backpack. If you can’t find a purple backpack, get purple cardboard and draw ‘Backpack’, then pin it onto your child’s t-shirt with safety pins.

Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen – This is a very easy idea that is really good for ultra last minute. Grab one of the many stuffed teddies you have at home and you could be done, but if you have more time, get your kids to wear brown boots, carry a stick (add some green crepe paper to the end of it so they can walk under it, just like in the book) and make a ‘beware of bears’ sign.

Grug by Ted Prior – For this you are going to need brown and yellow crepe paper. Probably a couple of packets of each. Lay out each pack and cut strips up each without going all the way so you get a Hawaiian skirt look. You want to have at least two layers of each colour to go up your child body. You are going to attach each layer to an old t-shirt. You can use safety pins, glue or a sewing machine – whatever you are comfortable with. Add a layer of brown crepe paper close to the bottom of the t-shirt. Then attach the yellow higher up so it covers your handy sewing on the brown. Continue to layer the next brown and yellow layers up the fabric so you get the Grug layered effect. You could even make a little hat by again cutting the crepe paper into strips and using an elastic band to bunch a the top.


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