Quick and Easy Morning and Afternoon Tea Recipes

Quick and Easy Morning and Afternoon Tea Recipes

This list provides a handy reference guide for some fabulous quick and easy morning and afternoon tea recipes, that are simple to prepare. Bookmark this list so you have these on hand whenever you have the girls over, a playdate, school event or family get together. We hope these save you time, money and the stress of having to think of something quickly. Enjoy! If you have some quick and easy morning and afternoon tea recipes let us know.


Eccles Cakes –  These are quick easy and on trend. They are small round cakes with flaky pastry an filled with dried fruits – mainly currents but could be any dried fruit you choose.  They are very English and super on trend what with a Royal wedding coming up!  Do you think Ms Markle has tested a few of these?  

Spiced Beetroot and Chocolate Cake – This one is probobly more for the adults than the kids – but if you don’t tell them there is veggies in it they will probobly eat it too.  This cake includes grated raw beetroot to boost the health factor and keep it interesting. 

Nigellas Cherry Almond Loaf CakeBe a domestic goddess with this classic from our favourite lady Nigella.  Quick and easy morning and afternoon teas recipes don’t get much better than this.  We know that if its from Nigella its easy to make and well as super stylish and deliciously morish. 

Easy Date Fingers  Great one if the kids are helping.  In fact just let them do this one themselves and sit back with a cuppa while they make these delights. 

Quick Best Biscuits – Great easy basic biscuit recipe.  Make them your own by adding icing, sprinkles,  choc chips, sultana’s etc. So many flavours to choose from so perhaps you could come up with a signature bikkie.

No Bake Chocolate Slice – These look so good the kids will want to eat them before you even get to the morning tea. You don’t even need an oven for these babies so a great one if you you are really strapped for time.

Cheats Caramel Cupcakes – These look sensational and will be coming with me to my next event. I love lve love anything caramel and you could always add a pinch of salt for that mouth watering salted caramel taste. 

Cheats Cinnamon Swirls – Wow these are so easy and look so professional.  The site also suggests buying some from Ikea – love that idea as well!  (Lets face it sometimes even the quickest and easist receipes are surpassed by a quick shop.

Banana Bread – Always a favourite this one only takes 10 minutes to prepare.  Smother it in lashings of butter with honey for a truly decadent treat. 
Coconut Raspberry Slice – Donna Hay – the Queen of food styling (and of quick and easy morning tea recipes) gives us this lovely fresh coconut treat.  You will be very popular if you bring this to any morning or afternoon tea.  Don’t like raspberry?  This would work just as well with Strawberry, Apricot, Peach of even lemon.
Rocky Road – So so so easy.  You can really add anything you have on hand to this – marshmallows, nuts, lollies, dried fruit, biscuits.  Change up the chocolate to – white, dark or a mix.  Makes a great gift packaged up for Christmas. 
Fig Cashew Energy Balls– Everyone will think you are superwomen if you rock up with this one! Quick easy and healthy – they can be made in just 10mins.
Strawberry Thumbprints (biscuits) – Use whatever jam or preserves you have on hand to make these own. Remember to serve them on a great plate to really impress.   Perfect for your quick and easy morning and afternoon tea recipes
Apricot Oat Slice – This one is from the Heart Foundation website so you can feel virtuous while eating it as well.  The oats add a lovely crunch.
Pink Lemonade SconesOf course you can use normal lemonade but it just doesn’t sound as fun, does it? Top with jam and cream or lashings of butter.   The other Mums will be very impressed.
Fruit Kebabs – Slice up fruit of your choice, whatever is in season, and thread onto skewers. As an optional extra you can also thread a few marshmallows on. Can use chocolate or strawberry sauce to dip.
Crispy Rice Treats – These ones use gluten free rice crispy’s and have a marbled chocolate icing.

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