Quick and Easy Valentines Day

Quick and Easy Valentines Day

I love the concept of Valentines Day – celebrating that one special person in your life, showering them with gifts, getting all dressed up and going for a romantic night out.   The concept is great, and in the past I would have looked forward to the day for weeks!

Now I will confess  I usually find myself rushing out to Woolies the night before for a quick Valentines card and a box of choccy’s which may or may not get wrapped, and which neither my husband or I will see much of once the kids realise we have them, a quick Happy Valentines Day to my hubby while making the school lunches and possibly a nice Reisling at night if no one has to work late!  Must try harder…………..

So in true 17 Bright Ideas style I started to  research.  Here’s my pick of  Top 5 Bright Ideas for Quick and Easy Valentines Day gifts:

1. Write a love letter – no cost and soooo romantic.

2. Restuarant at Home – Put the kids to bed and pretend your dining room is a Micehlin starred restaurant.  Cook (or get takeaway) light some candles, play some romantic music and talk to each other.

3. Write 100 notes telling your partner what you love about them and scatter them all over the house.  The kids can decorate them and get involved!

4. IOU coupons – write out some coloured coupons for services you could render – back rub, get warm towels when you get out of shower, sleep in on Sat morning  etc etc.

5. Seeds and a pot –  so you can plant something together and see it grow.  Awwwww.

If you have a bright idea for a quick and easy Valentines Day let me know!





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