17 Bright Ideas For Rainy Day Places To Visit With The Kids

17 Bright Ideas For Rainy Day Places To Visit With The Kids

Its raining, its pouring and the kids are getting bored and restless.  You have exhausted your repatoir of arts, crafts and can’t stand the sound of the toy robot that beeps or the keyboard that plays the ABC song any longer.  Its time to go out.  Check out our list of 17 Bright Ideas for Rainy Day Places To Visit With The Kids:


Indoor swimming pool – Let them get all their energy out in the pool. Sydney Acquatic Centre at Olympic Park has a fantastic kids play area inside with a bucket that tips water on kids heads – much to their delight! Find the local pool in your area.

Ten Pin bowling – One of the great rainy day places to visit for all ages. For the real little ones most centres now have bumper bowling and ramps to put the ball down.  Fire up the competitive spirit in the older kids.  

Window shopping – Pet shops, toy stores and bookstores can keep kids amused for quite a while, even if you don’t buy anything. One of our top low cost rainy day places to visit. 

Movies – An oldie but still a goodie. Buy tickets online before you go to save having to stand in the large rainy day queues and secure the best seats.

Library – It’s FREE, educational and fun. Just don’t forget to take the books and CD’s back like I always do.

Museums  – In Sydney, one of my favourite rainy day places to visit is the Powerhouse Museum (they have loads of interactive things for kids to play and touch). Look online for the Australian Museum (for the Dinosaurs), The Art Gallery, War Memorials (for older kids) and Train Museums. Find something local and explore.

Indoor playland – A great way for them to get some exercise without getting wet. These rainy day places to visit might require you take lots of hand sanitizer though! There are always free ones in your local shopping centre or spurge on a day out in a professional Indoor Playland.

Gardening centre with a greenhouse – There are lots of great gardening centres with greenhouses that you can explore and they make great rainy day places to visit.  Pick up a few vegetables and plant them when the rain clears in the fresh moist soil. Eden Gardens at Ryde also includes an Art Gallery.

Kid friendly Restaurant / Café – If you are in Sydney, check out our list of 17 bright ideas for kid friendly restaurants.

Aquarium – Go to the main acquarium in your home city or why not just try a pet shop or large pet supplies store and check out the fishies.

Indoor go-carting/Indoor laser games – Great for big kids and so much fun.

Ceramics painting or Make a Teddy Bear  Try Glaze It in Melb, or Build a Bear. Great rainy day places to visit that you’ll remember afterwards with something to take home with you after your visit.

Sports or music class – If you are thinking about starting your child in a new activity and there is an extended period of rain, book a free trails at different classes to see which one they want to continue with. Many activities offer the first class free as a trial to see if your child likes it. 

Art Gallery – Try the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney or the Art Gallery.

The Markets – Look for some bargains or buy some interesting foods to take home and cook. Check out our list of 17 Bright Ideas list of Markets in Sydney.

Indoor Rock Climbing – Great for strength and agility. Also a great confidence booster for your child if they are a bit scared but manage to do it anyway.

Outside  – As they so there is no bad weather just inappropriate clothing. Follow in the footsteps of Peppa Pig, put on your Wellingtons and go outside and jump in muddy puddles. The kids will think this is one of the most fun rainy day places to visit!


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