Renovating Your Kitchen and Bathroom? Here is What You Should Know

Renovating Your Kitchen and Bathroom? Here is What You Should Know

If you are a food lover and enjoy making meals for yourself, then the kitchen must be an essential place in the house for you. For many people, even a bathroom is the place where they can take a bubble bath and relax after a hectic day at work. The kitchen and the bathroom, at times the most neglected, are significant areas of the house. If well maintained and furnished, the house in entirety can get a fantastic, upbeat appearance. In case you are planning to refurbish your residence, look into kitchen and bathroom renovations Sydney apartments have usually for some amazing revamping inspirations. You should also read ahead if you are on the lookout for some artistic tips to decorate your kitchen and bathroom. 

In this article, we will discuss the things you should be aware of before initiating a revamping project for your kitchen and washroom.

Having a stylish and good-looking kitchen will make your meal cooking times more fun and enjoyable. You will like spending time in a kitchen that is gleaming and chic rather than an old, depleted one. Hence, giving the kitchen some classy revamping is imperative. The same goes for the restroom space. A well-built and suitably maintained bathroom will provide you with the right ambiance to relax and freshen up.

Before you start the renovation, however, planning is critical. The following are some pointers you should take care of during your refurbishing project.

  • Devise a Plan:

First, you should have an actual plan regarding how to go about the renovation, what needs to be done and how you plan to do it. It is also important to decide whether you will hire professional renovators or are planning to take up this job yourself. In any scenario, a well-thought plan should be penned down for the renovation task. Draw out your expectations from the entire project and the results you want to achieve.

  • Decide on Your budget:

Money is the most important feature when taking up renovation tasks. You need to draw out the amounts you can spend on both the kitchen and the washroom and then further the plan from there onwards. Planning some extensive renovation ideas that you cannot afford is plainly a waste of time and effort. Decide on a budget and then look into all the options you have under that specific amount. It will also help you communicate better with the professional renovators, if you hire any, to consult for your financial issues.

  • Pin Down the Timeframe:

Renovations, if not time-constrained, can stretch for extensive periods. Therefore, it is crucial to have a strict schedule planned for the renovation activity. Break down the overhauls into smaller milestones that you need to achieve in a given timeframe. This way you can easily track the project and analyze if there are any delays. Having a revamping schedule will also help you question the contractors in case the targets are not achieved on time.

  • Plan the Layout:

Planning the space layout is the most important. You are renovating your kitchen and washroom to give it a better, nicer outlook. The design is the most crucial when it comes to transforming any room of the house. If you are planning to refurnish your entire space, then plot out where the new cabinets would go what further functionalities you wish to add in your kitchen and washroom, etc. You can also try to incorporate an island or peninsula in the center of your kitchen. It is a great way to provide a space for your family to sit and interact while eating their breakfast every morning. The layout will also help you to convey your requirements and expectations to the professional renovators. You can meet the contractors and show them your expected layout that you want the kitchen and bathroom to have.

  • Consider If Any Plumbing Would Be Required to Move:

The kitchen and bathroom are the spots for maximum usage of water. Hence, plumbing is critical in both places. Renovating these spaces might mean removing certain plumbing and adding them somewhere else. However, you need to discuss this with a professional to check if this would be practically possible and the related costs of doing it.

  • Check If Any Permits Would Be Needed:

Particular renovations and upgradations in the house require permits from the city government. Otherwise, the project may be deemed illegal and action can be taken against it. Hence, it is essential that you look into all the legal requirements of the city government regarding renovating your house before you embark on the project.

  • Decide on the Storage Space You Require:

One major feature of the kitchen is storage space. Since there will be too much to stock in terms of food items and pantry; you should decide on the storage room that renovators should provide during the refurnishing. Decide on space for your pantry, cabinets, drawers, and then work around this requirement to plan a feasible layout.

  • Discuss the Non-Negotiables:

We all have certain requirements and demands without which we believe space would be incomplete. If having a dishwasher is a necessity for you then convey it to the renovators. Discuss all the strict requirements that you want to be fulfilled regardless to avoid any annoyance later.

Now that we have discussed the key pointers to keep in mind when planning a renovation, let us delve into a few tips for renovating the kitchen and bathroom most impeccably.

  • (a) Changing the color of the cabinets and drawers will give an instant uplift to the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom.
  • (b) Adding an island or a peninsula in the center of the kitchen with a few counter chairs will give you a pleasant spot to eat and chill with your family.
  • (c) You can add small pots with plants in both the kitchen and bathroom. Your kitchen can have a tiny natural garden for herbs, such as coriander, mint, etc. In the bathroom, you can add the pots for entirely aesthetic purposes.
  • (d) Changing the flooring can be a great way to revamp the washroom. Consider your options and discuss them with the renovators for a more elaborate plan.
  • (e) Use the windows to provide some added fanciness. You can install some patterned and colorful shutters to add a burst of color to space.
  • (f) Putting up some cute frames with pictures or quotes will make the space more artistically pleasing.


Renovating the house gives an entirely new outlook to your place of living. It also has significant positive effects on your mental and physical well-being. Try to incorporate more DIY projects into the renovation to save up on your budget and to make the entire revamping process fun and enjoyable for you!

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