Road Test: Almond Breeze Almond Milk

Road Test: Almond Breeze Almond Milk

Road Test : Almond Breeze Almond Milk – Original, Unsweetened, Unsweetened Vanilla, Chocolate.


We were asked to try Almond Milk and here are a few of the things we loved.  Both Vicki and I tried they product on our families (therefore 4 adults and 7 kids) and have put our thoughts together for this review.  In true 17 Bright Ideas style we have given it to you in easy to use list format


It was so Versatile – Of course you can drink it as is, but it was great for cooking (sweet and savoury food) in hot drinks, on cereal.  Essentially anywhere you would use regular cows milk. I made some blueberry muffins with the milk and they tasted fantastic.  I backed that up with some apple cakes, which were also great.  The Almond Breeze gave them a mild but slightly nutty flavour and the kids loved them.  My husband and I were also using it in tea and coffee, as well as just drinking it straight. 


The Taste – I like eating Almonds plain but I really dislike the taste of marzipan so I was a bit worried that the taste would be really strong.  I was pleasantly surprised that the taste is very mild.  The milk is really mild and creamy.  I was also worried that the kids wouldn’t drink it.  To be honest they liked the flavoured ones straight but some of them weren’t so keen on the plain unsweetened just by itself.  I used it in their food though and they didn’t even know.  The adults were happy to drink them all straight and I loved the original the best.


Lactose Free – Like so many people my kids suffer from mild lactose intolerance.  The Almond Breeze is lactose free so I didn’t get the ” Mum I have a sore tummy” after they drank it.

Flavoured – The chocolate flavour was devoured by the kids before the end of Day 1. They would have drunk the whole lot in one sitting if they could have.  Their comments (from the ones that come up with a decent sentence!) was that is was sweet and creamy, and can they have some more of the Chocolate! Almond Breeze also comes in Original and unsweetened flavours and a new Unsweetened Vanilla.


Easy on the waist – The Unsweetened is only 40 cal per 250ml so it’s great if you are watching your weight.


Long life – It was so handy to have a box in the cupboard so that I could pull it out when I needed it, and didn’t have to worry about it going off quickly.  Saves that run down to the shops when you have run out of milk in the fridge!


Health Benefits – To be honest before I tried it I didn’t really understand why people would drink Almond Milk instead of cow’s milk or Soy until I was informed of the health benefits.  It’s packed with vitamins and minerals including Protein, Fibre, Vitamin E, Calcium, Riboflavin and many more.  Its also Lactose Free, low in saturated fat, cholesterol free and gluten free to name a few.  Knowing now the massive health benefits I will certainly be adding it into my family’s diets.


So overall: Is Almond Breeze a Bright Idea?

Yes, I will definitely be buying again.  It was a great product for my family, especially given the intolerances.   The fact that the kids drank it and it has health benefits means it’s a big tick from me.












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