Road Test: Color Wow Root Touch Up

Road Test: Color Wow Root Touch Up

Here at 17 Bright Ideas, we are all about finding great things and letting you know about them.  This weeks road test is Color Wow Root Touch Up.  We’ve been testing it out over the past week and now we can let you know why we think it is a bright idea!


Here are the facts: Colour Wow Root Touch Up helps you to camouflage your roots for perfect colour every day. It instantly covers greys and re-growth with the sweep of the brush to leave your hair looking polished and natural. It dramatically extends the time between colouring. This multi award winning product comes in 6 colours: Platinum Blonde, Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown & Black. RRP = $49.95, available from Hairhouse Warehouse & TVSN.

Sue used the Blonde on her hair.

Screenshot 2014-05-25 14.48.58

Vicki used the Light Brown:

Screenshot 2014-05-25 14.49.08 


The Roadtest – We know that you are pretty busy so here is what we loved in 17 Bright Ideas style:


Works Quickly – Seriously, it takes just a few minutes to get a good result. All you do is get some powder on the brush (that has two brushed with differing widths) and brush on the powder until you are happy with the coverage – it’s that simple.

Isn’t sticky – Color Wow Root Touch Up is not a paste, it’s a powder so it isn’t sticky or gluggy. You can’t feel it in your  hair and it doesn’t weigh it down, even if you have fine hair, Vicki can vouch for that!

Looks natural – The results look obvious in the before and after but if you only see the after, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell you were using the Root Touch Up. You can use your fingers to blend it into your hairline and give you a flawless look. Just go slowly and add a little bit at a time, review then add more if needed. Easy.

Good coverage – We both found that it covered our re-growth and grey hairs well. The product worked well on dark regrowth and just as well on white/grey hair. It covers both ends of the hair colour spectrum which means it would suit most people.

Hair keeps its shine – As it is a powder, you could be mistaken for thinking it will make your hair look dull and flat but we found that it kept the hairs shine, just like all the other hair.

Attractive packaging – They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but this cover is so pretty! The slimline, black packaging looks like any other compact in your make-up case, you’ll be wanting to take it out just to show it off.


Is it a Bright Idea?

We loved this one! It does what it says and really does help to extend the life of your colour. We could both see Color Wow Root Touch Up being part of our daily beauty routine. Put on your make-up then your Root Touch Up and then you are out the door. It really helps you to feel more polished and professional, even if it’s just picking up the kids after school. A real bright idea.

Who is it a Bright Idea for?

Anyone looking to extend the life of their hair colour. It works well between hair appointments or home hair colouring.

Those of us with a few greys. Even regular colouring doesn’t seem to stop them but Colour Wow Root Touch Up in the morning will help to keep these cheeky little things away all day.


Thanks to Color Wow Hair for supplying this road test.

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