Road Test: Continental Mince Mates & Oven Secrets Recipe Bases

Road Test: Continental Mince Mates & Oven Secrets Recipe Bases

Here at 17 Bright Ideas, we are all about finding great things and letting you know about them.  This weeks Road Test is  Continental Mince Mates and Oven Secrets Recipe BasesWe’ve been testing them out over the past week and now we can let you know why we think they are a bright idea!

HERE ARE THE FACTS: Continental Mince Mates and Oven Secrets Recipe Bases have been added to the Continental Recipe Base Range. The chefs at Continental have carefully selected the best herbs and spices to ensure a perfectly balanced and great tasting meal every time you cook it. They are FREE from artificial colours, flavours and added MSG.

Mince Mates range includes Mexican Tortilla Stack, Swedish Meatballs, Stuffed Capsicum and Scalloped Potato and Beef Pie while the Oven Secrets range includes Sweet Potato & Zucchini Gratin, Beef, Tomato and Mozzarella Pasta Bake, Potato, Bacon & Cheese Frittata and Chicken & Spinach Macaroni Bake.

Mince Mates: Mexican Tortilla Stack


Screenshot 2014-06-01 15.04.38

ven Secrets: Sweet Potato & Zucchini Gratin

 Screenshot 2014-06-01 15.04.27


The Road Test – We know that you are pretty busy so here is what we loved in 17 Bright Ideas style:


It works – As you can see from the pictures above, we both tested both dishes on our families and we both got the same results. We made them at home, with kids around our ankles and all the time pressures most mums have at dinner time and we both got great results.

They use natural ingredients – When you are responsible for your families dinner, you are looking for natural flavours and no artificial colours and that’s what you get with the Mince Mates and Oven Secrets. The perception is often that if it comes in a packet it has to have ‘bad stuff’ in it but that isn’t the case here. You can feel good giving this to your family.

It tastes great – Two families: 4 adults and 7 kids loved both recipes. The Tortilla Stack was a big hit; Sue: “Everyone loved it. I will definitely make it again.” Vicki: “It’s not very often that every plate is finished at the end of dinner.” The Gratin also got rave reviews; Sue: “It tasted quite decadent. It would be great to serve for dinner party or BBQ.” Vicki: What a great way to make veggies taste more appealing.”

It’s easy & versatile – Both of the recipes we tested were simple. It was just a matter of slicing, mixing or combining a few ingredients then putting them in the oven. We both felt that these great recipe bases are very versatile. You can add more ingredients or substitute ingredients and add different sides to suite your families tastes. Vicki: “I didn’t have any sweet potato at home so I used pumpkin instead in my Gratin and it still worked.” Sue: “I used loads of different toppings with the Tortilla Stack like sour cream, avocado and salsa so everyone could add what they liked.”

You know what you need from the front of pack – Being busy mums, we both appreciate the fact all the ingredients you need to add to the Continental Recipe Base are listed on the front of the pack so you can easily add them to your trolley in the same shop.

The recipes are creative but achievable – There are only so many days you can eat sausages and salad. Using the Continental Recipe Bases gives you so many interesting dinner options without having to search through hundreds of recipe books to find an easy recipe. There aren’t too many ingredients and no fancy techniques but you get creative meals that the family will love for dinner. No more boring dinner!

Is it a Bright Idea?

We both thought the Mince Mates and Oven Secrets Recipe Bases from Continental were fantastic. We would make them again and we will be trying some of the other great recipes in the range like the Swedish Meatballs. They are a time saver without having to compromise on taste and freshness. It’s like they give you the support you might need in the kitchen to create family dinners your family will be happy to eat with recipes you might never think you could make on your own.

Who is it a Bright Idea for?

Anyone who loves to serve their family home cooked meals but needs a little inspiration and help with matching flavours when cooking.

Anyone who is bored of the same old dinners and wants something new and interesting for their family to get them excited about dinner again!

Anyone who is looking for a meal the whole family can sit at the dinner table for and share a family dinner together.


Thanks to Continental for supplying this road test.

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