Road Test: Savoury Jam – Ham Jam and Pork Jam from Spoonfed Foods

Road Test: Savoury Jam – Ham Jam and Pork Jam from Spoonfed Foods

Savoury Jam – Yummy! Here at 17 Bright Ideas, we are all about finding great things and letting you know about them.  This weeks Road Test is  Spoonfed Foods Ham Jam and Pork JamWe’ve been testing them out over the past week and now we can let you know why we think they are a bright idea!

HERE ARE THE FACTS: Spoonfed Foods have developed an outstanding range of gourmet savoury jams.  They take your food to another level and come in an exciting range of exotic flavours.  They are 100% gluten free and contain no added preservatives.  They can be used as a condiment or an ingredient with your favourite foods.

Spoonfed Foods range includes : Ham Jam, Pork Jam, Lamb Jam, Snag Jam, Garlic Jam, Hot Jam and Winemakers Jam. We tested Ham Jam and Pork Jam.  The Ham Jam is made from Savoury Cherries and is designed to go with ham, duck, smoked meats, pork or even cheese.  The Pork Jam is made from Pineapple, Apples and Asian Spices.  It is obviously designed for pork but can also be used well with duck, chicken, prawns or fish.


savoury jamsavoury jam

The Road Test – We know that you are pretty busy so here is what we loved in 17 Bright Ideas style:

They looked so appetizing – from the moment we saw the jars and the rich chunky texture of both jams we just wanted to dive in!

Ham Jam  – I (Sue) tried the Ham Jam on my family.  We all loved it.  The kids ate it on ham sandwiches and loved the thought of both a ham and jam sandwich combined.  My husband and I tried it on everything – ham, beef, pork and cheese.  We had it on sandwiches, crackers, with a main meal and I threw some in a gravy which tasted fabulous as well.  The Ham Jam is made from sour red cherries and unsweetened pineapple.  Its not overly sweet so goes really well with the meats.  It has chunks of cherry and pineapple in it so  has a wonderful lush texture.  It also has a good dash of seeded mustard in it so a lovely background flavour as well as my favourite little bursts of the seeds.

Pork Jam – Vicki and her family tested the Pork Jam.  She said it was nice and chunky also and not too runny so it stuck to the pork well.  She was initially hesitant that the Pineapple and Asian flavours might be a little over powering for the meat but didn’t find this the case at all.  She said it had a lovely tang but wasn’t too overpowering.  It also wasn’t too sweet so complimented the Pork really well.  She tried it on a pork roast and pork rissoles and it worked really well with both.  Her smaller children (under 4yr) weren’t so keen to try it though.  The are probably not the right demographic for this gourmet ingredient anyway!

Interesting  and different – So they taste delicious and are very versatile but one of the things I really loved about them was they were interesting and easy.   I can certainly see myself serving out a platter of cold meats and cheese at a bbq and putting some of these savoury jams on the platter.  What could be easier.  Because they look gourmet and a little bit different from the norm I can see people would really be drawn to them and want to try them.  I could just stand back and take the credit for opening the jar!  They are great for day to day but would also be extraordinary for entertaining.

Is it a Bright Idea?

We both thought the Spoonfed Savoury Jams were fabulous and we would definatley buy them again.  I am looking forward to trying out the other flavours actually and am a bit disappointed I passed the Pork Jam one to Vicki without stealing some.

Who is it a Bright Idea for?

Anyone who loves to try something new and interesting

Lovers of meats and cheeses.

Day to day lovers of chutneys, pickles and things that spice up foods.

Entertainers who love something gourmet and easy.


Thanks to Spoonfed Foods for supplying this road test.


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