RoadTest: I-imagine by Bizzibrains

RoadTest: I-imagine by Bizzibrains

Here at 17 Bright Ideas, we are all about finding great things and letting you know about them.  This weeks Road Test is the I-imagine app developed by the clever clogs at Bizzibrains ( $5.99

We’ve been testing it out over the past week and now we can let you know why we think they are a bright idea!


This app is  designed to help develop literacy skills, encourage creativity and build independence. It is developed for kids 5 and under and works on ipad or iphone.

i imagine

The kids are given the outline of a child, an adult and a toy.  They can use their imagination to make these images however they like – adding different hair, clothes, faces, names, record their voice etc.  The characters are then included in a story where the kids can click on different items, bringing them into the story and creating interest as they go.

The Road Test – We know that you are pretty busy so here is what we loved in 17 Bright Ideas style:

Kids had great fun designing their own character  and recording their own voice – The initial characters of the story can be designed and developed by the kids including recording their voices.  My kids had great fun recording silly voices and replaying them.  They also took great delight in calling the adult “Mummy” and making her wear silly clothes and have weird hair. Hilarious!

Easy to Use – my 4 year olds grabbed it off me and started using it without any instruction.  It was really easy for them to navigate around and play independently.

Lots of things to see – there were loads of different things for them to click on in this interactive story book about family life.  You an click on things in the house, in the bedroom etc and it has great sounds and music with it.

Is it a Bright Idea?

We both thought the app was fabulous and the kids loved it.  It easy to use, educational and fun.  Kids can play independently and were screaming laughing with it.

Who is it a Bright Idea for?

Kids 5 and under ( although my 6yr old loved it too).


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