Roadtest: Simply 7 Snacks

Roadtest: Simply 7 Snacks

Here at 17 Bright Ideas, we are all about finding great things and letting you know about them.  This week’s road test is Simply 7 Snacks

What is it?

The Simply 7 Snacks I tested were Hummus Chips and Lentil Chips.

 lentil chipshummus chips

Simply 7 snacks are made according to 7 key principles being:

1. 0 grs trans fat and no cholesterol

2. No artificial colours or flavours

3. No preservatives

4. No wheat ingredients

5. All natural recipes

6. Simple ingredients

7. Simply delicious!

All the ingredients are “simple” foods being easily identifiable from a natural source.  No long complicated chemical sounding ingredients here.  They are available at selected IGA and Coles stores as well as some health / grocery stores.

Now lets move onto the Road Test! We also know that you are pretty busy so here is what Sue loved in 17 Bright Ideas style:

They were delicious! – I tried the seas salt Lentil Chips and the Sea Salt Hummus chips, but they do come in different flavours such as roasted red pepper, jalapeno and quinoa chips.  The ones I tried were delicious.  They were light and crispy with a light sea salt flavour, but they also had their own distinct flavour of hummus and lentils.  Both has a lovely texture and were quite more – ish. 

Can be eaten as is, or with dips – I tried them with the kids and we polished them all off before we got a chance to try them with anything else, but there are a variety of healthy dips on the Simply 7 website that you could dip them in.  They would be great for any type of party or entertaining, and would be an interesting change to traditional chips and crackers.

A healthy alternative – the 7 principles applied to all the chips, especially the commitment to use simple ingredients means these snacks are a healthier alternative to traditional chips and salty snacks.  30 of the hummus chips only has around 130cal’s and has less than 50% of the fat in regular potato chips.

Kids loved them – Only problem was I could have used a few more packets!! Everyone tucked into them and the kids couldn’t have cared less what they were called.  I suspect if I had mentioned the lentils first up they may have thought twice.

Has it been a Bright Idea?

Absolutely.  I would definately buy them again and would love to try all the different flavours.  I will also be giving them a go with some of the dips on the website.

Who are they a Bright Idea for?

Anyone young or old looking for a healthy alternative to traditional chips or a delicious snack made with simple ingredients.

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