Roadtest: Upright Go 2- Perfect Posture Trainer

Roadtest: Upright Go 2- Perfect Posture Trainer

Here at 17 Bright Ideas, we are all about finding great things and letting you know about them.

This week’s Road Test is the Upright Go 2 – Perfect Posture Trainer

What is it?

The Upright Go 2 is a small device that you wear on your back that gives you real time feedback on your posture through an app. You practice for 10 minutes a day and then see your posture improve (with results starting to be seen within 2 weeks). You can attach the device to your back using the adhesive on it, or you can wear it on a necklace attachment.

Poor posture is becoming an epidemic due to our love of computers, phone and all things tech. Apparently the younger generation are even developing “horn-like” skull growths to support the tilting of their heads… scary! This device aim to retrain your brain and body into better posture.

Now lets move onto the Road Test! We also know that you are pretty busy so here is what Sue loved in 17 Bright Ideas style:

My posture improved : I am a life long sloucher. I still have my Mum in my ear saying “sit up straight! ” I tried the device for around 2 weeks and whilst I still can’t claim the posture of a prima ballerina I can definitely notice an improvement. Even when not using the device I am now more conscious of my posture.

It was quick – I work, I have kids.. yeah yeah blah blah .. we are all busy. This training is quick. 10 mins a day is easy to find so its actually doable.

You have options : You can attach the device to your back using adhesive (like a band aid), or there is a necklace attachment. I preferred the necklace attachment but both were good. Choice if yours how you want to wear it and what feels most comfortable for you.

I feel more confident: There is no doubt about it when you stand up straight you do feel more confident. Maybe its in my head but my improved stance has given me an improved sense of belief in myself. I suppose in the same way as exercise makes you feel better about yourself.

Has it been a Bright Idea?

Yes – I would definitely recommend the trainer for anyone concerned with their posture or has a desk bound job.

Who are they a Bright Idea for?

These would be a bright idea for anyone who wants to improve their posture, is health conscious and looks after their appearance.   They would also make a lovely gift for someone!

The Upright Go 2 is available at Harvey Norman, Officeworks and Bing Lee for $149 RRP.

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