Is their a Rogue Flusher in Your Family?

Is their a Rogue Flusher in Your Family?

When you have a home to run, it’s easy to miss small problems until they become more substantial. You can’t keep track of the movements of a whole family. All you can do is trust that they’re looking after the house and its functions.

Sometimes, though, family members jeopardize things in the home without realising. This is especially the case when it comes to toilet habits. Too often, we get into the habit of flushing any old thing away. It gets rid, after all, so what’s the harm? But, flushing the wrong thing can lead to significant problems, especially if it happens often. The primary culprits tend to be things like sanitary towels, plasters, and even hand towels.

You may not be guilty, but that’s not to say other family members aren’t flushing the wrong things. In extreme cases, this can lead to sewage blockages which would need clearing by professionals, like Green Planet Plumbing. But, with a bit of luck, you’ll spot the problem before it gets to that stage. To make sure you do, look out for these warning signs that all is not right with your family’s flushing habits.

Increased water levels

We all know that a high water level in the toilet means a blockage. But, when the issue is further along in your sewage system, this may not be clear straight away. After all, the obstruction isn’t in your toilet itself. But, over time, you may notice a gradual increase in water levels as the issue worsens. If you spot this, you should investigate fast. Failure to do so could quickly lead to a flooded bathroom. Not to mention that this is a sure sign you’ve got a rogue flusher.

Sewage smells

Do you walk into your bathroom to eau de sewer? This is a sure sign that someone’s been flushing something they shouldn’t. In fact, smells like these are often the first warning sign of sewage problems. But, at this stage, it may still be possible to halt the issue. With a bit of luck, your pipes will clear themselves if the flushing stops. So, sit your family down and quiz them about their flushing habits. Bear in mind that they may not own up because they might not even realise their error. But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t making one!

New noises

Another thing to look out for is new noises in your pipes. Every home has its set of creaks and cracks when the pipes get to work. But, if you notice new noises among the old, there may be something blocking the way. Listen out for these sounds when flushing the toilet yourself. If they continue over a week or so, it may be time to take action.

A final word

In the grand scheme of homeownership, what’s going down the toilet may not seem important. But, rest easy that taking your eye off the ball here could be catastrophic. So, keep an eye out for toilet criminals in your midst!

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