Running for Fitness

Running for Fitness

Want to get fit this winter and avoid the winter bulge.  Have a read through our guide on how to start running

Get a good pair of proper running shoes – not trainers


Run off the road if you can.

If you have to run on the road always run on the opposite side to the vehicles.

Always do warm up exercises for 5mins before you start.

Always do cool down exerises for 5 mins before you finish.

Start slowly and get faster

Run the last stretch slowly.

If you are going to run a long way, run at a pace at which you can hold a conversation.

Run with a friend half the times.

Start off your first few runs by going a short distance – not more then 1 1/2 kms.

Run every other day.

Some days run further and more slowly and other days run less distance and faster.

Don’t eat for 2 hrs before running.

Don’t get dehydrated.  Take some water if you need.

In the early days don’t worry about speed.  Run at a comfortable pace.

Look after our feet and don’t get blisters.  If running a long way use either talcom powder or petroleum jelly to stop friction.

Don’t run on the road in the dark.  Wear bright clothes to help motorists.




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  1. Technically what is the difference between running shoes and trainers? Often I refer to my running shoe as my trainers?
    I run on a regular basis and highly recommend Asics Kinsei, these technically are running shoes but also great for gym classes such as Pump and Attack plus also free weights due to the stability and additional arch support they provide. Great after wearing heals all day at work.

  2. When we use the expression “trainers” we are talking about casual shoes that may have the appearance of specialist sports shoes.
    Obviously there are different types of sports shoes and many are designed for sports that require different features e.g. tennis, squash and badminton involve a lot of side to side movement. Clearly there are a variety of running shoes designed with different characteristics for road, track and cross country running. You need to choose shoes designed for the running that you intend to do.

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