17 Bright Ideas That Could Save You Money When You Have A Baby
Ideas That Could Save You Money When You Have A Baby

17 Bright Ideas That Could Save You Money When You Have A Baby

Are you looking for ideas that could save you money when you have a baby? Babies can be expensive. They come into our lives, turn everything upside down, and we love them for it. However, we suddenly find ourselves having to stretch our money further. How can we raise a baby on a budget? We have compiled a list with 17 bright ideas for where you might be able to look for savings.

Look for bargains online – You can sign up to do your food shopping with a food delivery company like UberEats and they often offer a discount on your first order. A company like UberEats is great when you are too tired to cook a meal from scratch. If you have a party coming up for your baby girl but no money for that special outfit, then buying girls dresses on afterpay is another great option, but afterpay doesn’t just need to be for special occasion dresses, you could also use it to buy essential clothes like raincoats and hats.

Look for Vouchers – Use online shopping voucher codes to save money when ordering baby goods.

Visit your library – Don’t buy books and DVDs, rather borrow them from the local library instead. You’ll get a great variety of books and videos and you can still put them in baby’s room to look pretty, but they will be on rotation.

Plan your grocery shop – Plan a weekly shop, budget for it and stick to it. You can track how much you are spending with the TrackMySpend app. Another great way of making sure that you stick to your budget is by only taking cash to the supermarket. No credit cards allowed! Shop once a week and don’t make multiple visits where you might be tempted to make impulse purchases.

Look for reduced food and freeze it – Find out when the supermarket reduces their food and try and get there for that time. Get yourself some great storage or use snap lock bags and label all items in the freezer.

Don’t buy brands – Swap your branded soups, beans etc for supermarket own brands or more generic brands. Often they are close, if not the same, in quality, particularly for basic items like corn, flour or sugar.

Save money on your electricity bills – Shop around for another provider. You can compare offers and see who is the best electricity provider for you. This can really save you money when you have a baby.

Join Facebook groups – Attending baby classes can be expensive but we understand that you probably want to get out and about and mix with other mums. Look on Facebook and see if you can find any coffee mornings running in your area. The local library is also a great place for mums with newborn babies. They often run classes for free and will have toys that they can play with.

Always be prepared – This one really might save you money when you have a baby. Keep a bag in your boot that is filled with nappies, spare clothing, ointment and baby wipes. That way if you forget your changing bag you still have a back-up and you won’t have to spend money on buying more bits.

Make your own baby food – The weaning stage can be expensive if you start buying jars of baby food. Make your own instead. Steam the food and mash it together. It doesn’t take much time and it is better for baby and far cheaper too!

Sign up for coupon offers – This could be with your local supermarket or with a baby company. They will want to give you incentives to come back and this means that they will probably send you vouchers if you sign up.

Don’t buy your newborn shoes – They don’t need them and it has actually been shown that a baby will probably learn to walk faster if they don’t have anything on their feet.

Don’t buy special ‘breastfeeding clothing” – If you are breastfeeding it doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune on a breastfeeding wardrobe. Look for clothes that can easily be adapted for breastfeeding.

Return or exchange unwanted gifts – Return the gift and spend the money on something that you need for baby or exchange for something else you can use.

Washing baby clothes – You will probably find that you are forever washing baby clothes. Always make sure you save up enough clothes for a big wash and dry them outside to save electricity.

Holiday – Living on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t take a holiday. There are plenty of budget holidays available. Do your research and book a holiday, you deserve it!

Breastfeed – We totally know that this isn’t for everyone (believe us, we know!) but if you can breastfeed then you will save yourself some money. Formula can get expensive. If you really want to breastfeed but are struggling then ring the Breastfeeding Helpline, they will be able to offer you lots of help and support. If you need to use formula – shop around and buy in bulk! This is sure to save you money when you have a baby, no matter how you decide to feed them.

All financial advice is general in nature and does not constitute specific financial advice.  Please contact your financial adviser for specific advice specific to your circumstances.

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