Secret Mums’ Business

Secret Mums’ Business

Shhh – This is Secret Mums’ Business…………One of our super talented list writers Angela Counsel, Leading Natropath and Lifestyle Consultant has a wonderful book out called Secret Mums’ Business.  Guess what – Work / Life Balance doesn’t exist!

The aim of Secret Mums’ Business is to help you create the life of your dreams while busting the work/life balance myth.  This is no ordinary book that helps you develop your business – this is a wholistic approach to fixing the juggling act most Mums do daily.

Here’s what we loved in 17 Bright Ideas style:

All Areas of Life Covered –  Angela has skillfully devised a book that covers all areas of life such as diet, lifestyle, vision, goals, mindset and values.  For Mums there can be a blurr between home and work and health and this book skillfully combines all areas and addresses that they all work together to make a life.

The “Perfect” balance – This book debunks the myths that women have to be perfect to be successful.  It debunks he myth that being “perfect” is even achievable!  It gives a realistic approach to modern life and health.

Practical suggestions – This book is full of practical suggestions.  It suggests creating a vision board to help you set out your vision and goals in a clear and concise way.  It gives you some great tips to add exercise to your day and improve your diet.   It also shows different ways you can relax and get better sleep.


For more info check out Angela website Secret Mums’ Business






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