Security Tips for Inner City Living

Security Tips for Inner City Living

It is well-known that city centres are some of the unsafest areas to live in. Inner-city neighbourhoods often have higher than average crime rates, which require families to take some extra security measures. But don’t worry, though, the benefits of living right in the centre of a city often far outweigh all the negative aspects of this kind of life. If you follow all of these useful tips, you will find that your family’s security greatly improves, no matter which city you live in.

Get To Know Your Neighbours

If you are new to the neighbourhood, it is really worth taking the time to try and get to know your neighbours. This is a great way to improve the community spirit in your area, plus it ensures that everyone knows each other. That way, you will be able to quickly spot any strangers who are wandering around and acting suspiciously. You might also like the idea of starting a neighbourhood watch.

Update Doors And Windows

If your property’s doors and windows are quite old, it could be worth updating them. For instance, windows in wooden frames are fairly easy to open with the right amount of force. If you swap these for modern aluminium windows, any potential burglars will have a difficult time getting in through them. Likewise, it’s worth investing in some strong doors as opposed to old wooden ones.

Don’t Open The Door To Strangers

Most of the time, the people knocking on your door will be harmless. But it really isn’t worth taking a risk and opening the door to any strangers, even if you are sure that they are a door to door salesmen. After all, if you do need to buy anything, going to the shop directly is a better option. So, if you aren’t expecting anyone calling, don’t open the front door as this can make it all too easy for burglars to force their way in.

Get Off-Road Parking

If you park your car on the kerb, there is a good chance that it will be targeted by thieves, even if it is directly outside your home. It’s much safer to park it on some off-road parking, such as in a garage or on a drive. If you don’t have either, they are easy to add to your property. Most building firms offer driveway services, and there are plenty of companies that also sell and install home garages.

Don’t Walk Home Alone At Night

You also need to consider your safety when you are walking around the city, especially after dark. If possible, you should not walk home along on your own at night. If you do need to walk, make sure that you are with someone else. But it is much safer to take a taxi or an Uber as you never quite know who might be following you through a city!


If you follow all of these tips, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about your safety, as you are doing your utmost to improve your security!

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