Seven reasons why you should buy silk sleeping suits

Seven reasons why you should buy silk sleeping suits


After going through a long hectic day of work or school, it’s justified that you give yourself some time off from the worries of the world and treat yourself with an uninterrupted, refreshing nap. The power of good sleep on silk sleepwear could reduce your stress level significantly and can leave you energized for the rest of the day. If you’ve been having trouble when it comes to sleeping lately, besides self-diagnosing yourself with insomnia, there are some factors that you must consider as to why you’re not able to sleep peacefully.

Some reasons for not being able to sleep properly include jetlag, restless leg syndrome, and excessive intake of caffeine or even stress. To ensure you sleep well, you’ll need to consider the little details, for instance, the kind of clothes you’re sleeping in. Normally you wouldn’t be comfortable enough sleeping in starchy jeans then you would be in PJ’s or a night suit.

You may be surprised, but silk is referred to as the ‘Queen of fibers.’ Silk is regarded as one of the finest and lavish fabrics out there. The sheen and luster it possesses are one of the reasons why it’s the most beautiful. This precious high-quality fiber fabric, which has been gifted to us through nature, was unfortunately superseded by synthetics particularly. However, as of now, it has recently regained its importance with increasing world demand for natural fibers. Though silk has a lot of benefits and facts attached to it, we’ve listed down seven reasons why you should buy silk sleeping suits.

1. It’s comfortable 

It’d be no surprise to enlighten you with the fact that this smooth to the touch fabric is quite comfortable to sleep in. It is because silk is a breathable fabric, and by that we mean it allows air to pass through easily. Silk possesses the ability to retain heat while simultaneously allowing a stream of fresh air that creates the perfect temperature for you to sleep in, without feeling too cold. Silk absorbs excess moisture that may be present in your duvet or comforter and ensures that you can sleep in a dry, warm place that’ll lead you to good night sleep.

2. It’s natural 

Silk contains the strongest natural fibers out there. It’s also the softest fabrics on earth. Believe it or not, but silk is a source of protein that is good for you, It contains over 18 amino acids like serine, glutamic acid, and glycine. It speeds up the metabolism for skin cells due to its natural form of cellular albumin. Silk is environmentally friendly, even with the use of silkworms, silk is relatively sustainable as there is less impact on water, land, and air and does not involve pesticides in its production process.

3. Moisturizes skin 

Silk can draw out moisture from your skin and can rejuvenate your skin cells faster. Silk can help your skin stay healthy and smooth and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and can make you appear a lot more youthful. The smooth fibers of skin help keep moisture close to the skin. Your skin will receive better hydration than it would from cotton. Your skin needs to retain moisture. Usually, when you lack a layer of natural oils on your skin, you lose more water. Skin cells generate faster at night, and leaves your skin looking plumper when it’s well-hydrated if you have dry skin this is your best bet! So incorporating silk in your skincare routine could add up to better, healthy-looking skin.

4. Great for hair care

We’ve all been there when we end up waking up with the infamous ‘bed hair’ that relates to you having tangled, knotted, frizzy hair. If you’ve been experiencing that lately, and detangling it could be exhausting. Consider sleeping in a silk suit and also changing your pillowcase to a silk one. This luxurious, miracle fabric can help your hair looking soft and moisturized. The science behind this is simple, and hair tends to glide over silky fabric which reduces the chance of friction and in turn frizz and tangles. You could even retain your hairstyles and keep it looking fresh. If you’ve got a fresh blow out and want it to last for longer simple switch your choice of fabric to silk and you’ll wake up with flawless hair every time.

5. Prevents allergies

Silk is hypoallergic. It’s smooth and soft textures helps you prevent allergies and skin conditions such as eczema. Bacteria, mold, and bugs are not attracted to silk. Therefore, it acts as a natural fungal repellant and keeps dust mites away. Silk regulates a pleasant temperature around your skin which reduces the chances of you sweating that leads to bacteria build-up. People with sensitive skin can stay clear and free from skin irritation, rashes and even breakouts that result in acne and pimples.

6. Lasts longer

If cared for gently, your silk sleeping suit can last up to 2-3 years. Silk fibers are the strongest natural fiber in the world. The denser the weave is, the more it’s able to withstand any non-accidental damage. It’s soft, lightweight yet super durable. Silk is highly resistant to deterioration, bacteria, dust mites and is easily able to absorb any excess moisture that may cause damage to the quality of silk.

7. A good night’s sleep

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘beauty sleep, wearing silk sleepwear adds up to that. Other fabrics such as cotton and polyester tend to have dust mites, bacteria that might irritate your skin where you could end up with allergies that might disrupt your sleep. A lot of people suffer from not being able to sleep at night is partly caused by your choices of fabric while you sleep.


After going through most of this article, we thoroughly hope you’re satisfied with the benefits and qualities of silk and how it can lead to a comfortable sleeping routine. Consider some of the above, and you might find an answer to some of your problems. Whether its skincare related or something about your allergies. It’s safe to say that silk is stated as the queen of fabric/textiles for a legit reason

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