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A Guaranteed Way To Give Your Home Gym The Use It Deserves

Posted January 10, 2019 by Vicki Radford

We’re all agreed that home gyms are fantastic, aren’t we? They save us having to head out into these cold dark nights for fitness. Instead, they provide us with an opportunity to tackle health from the comfort of our homes. As easy as that, we can stop facing the trauma of a standard gym session. Instead, we can work out in a safe and judgment-free setting.

When you think about it that way, it seems mad that we don’t all have rooms like these in our homes. Fitness is universal, after all, and we could all benefit from an addition like this. Yet, the majority of households don’t have gyms, even if the space is available. Why? Because we’ve all heard horror stories of home gyms which remain unused from one month to the next.

There’s no denying that this is a risk. Often, we invest in gyms on a whim and fail to ever use them. But, the same wouldn’t need to be true for your gym. In fact, there are a few simple steps that would guarantee you use the space as much as you should. Keep on reading to find out what they are.

Provide it with pride of place

More often than not, we tuck our home gyms out of sight and out of mind. If we set one of these up in our garage or basement, it’s all too easy to conveniently forget about them. When you’re reluctant to work out anyway, that provides you with the perfect excuse. But, there is a simple solution to this. By looking into home gym fitouts for the heart of your home, you’ll never be able to forget them. Using a spare room or dining room for this, for instance, means that you’ll need to walk past every single day. If you make an effort to keep the door open, you won’t even be able to walk past in ignorance. Over time, you may find that the pure guilt of knowing your gym is right there pushes you into using it. And, once you get into the habit of heading here each day, you can bet that you’ll find it a lot easier to get on top of fitness once and for all.

Keep It Simple

Keep your home gym simple so you don’t get overwhelmed.

When we envision home gyms, many of us think of serious running machines and weights which even bodybuilders would struggle to tackle. Isn’t that the true home-gym aesthetic? Perhaps not. Getting too elaborate or extreme with equipment could well prevent use altogether. If you need to read a 100-page manual before getting started, there’s far less chance that you’ll ever bother. If you’re miles away from being able to lift those weights, you might just choose not to try. But, the secret to increased use is to avoid these mistakes. Instead, keep it simple. If you get along best with gentle exercise, look for pieces which accommodate that. Incorporate things like a yoga corner, or a treadmill with starter settings. Look out, too, for machines with simple controls. If there’s a whole army of buttons on something, you’re less likely to use it often. Instead, seek pieces with one button or less. These may only offer basic settings, but at least you would be liable to use them plenty of times. Plus, once you get the hang of options like these, you may find yourself ready to upgrade much sooner. All while you get fit at the same time.

Incorporate an entertainment system

Entertainment while exercising is something of a taboo subject. Many diehards would argue that it’s a distraction which won’t help you. But, if you’re afraid of feeling bored in your gym, you may not use the space at all. With that in mind, it’s better to incorporate entertainment systems and get at least some exercise. Suit this to your tastes, and you may find that something as simple as this doubles the time you spend in this room. If you’re worried about distracting yourself too much, stick to something like a sound system. The beat of music can be a fantastic motivation at the best of times. It’s also an easy way to keep your mind busy when you’re getting down to it. If even music isn’t a draw enough, why not install television screens in front of your treadmills? If you have something to watch while you’re working out, you’re less likely to rush to the finish line. Instead, you may get caught in an exercise as you watch your favorite shows. This way, your body can benefit, and your stamina can grow without your noticing. The haters can say what they like, but we think that’s a benefit worth incorporating in your home gym.

Let your friends come round

If you’ve done the above and still aren’t using your gym, it’s worth opening an invitation here to your mates. Given that we all want to get fitter, the chances are that at least a few of them will take you up on it. This is fantastic from the off, as it ensures your gym receives more use than it would if just you went in there. On a more practical level, this also has the benefit of encouraging you to use the space. If your mates are in there working out, you’re far more liable to get in there yourself. You’ll want to socialize, after all. This may also serve as the healthy push you need to get the most from this home addition. So, don’t be afraid to throw the idea out there. If it saves your friends a gym membership, the chances are that they’ll be more than happy to oblige.

It’s fair to say that you will need to work a little to guarantee use of your home gym. There’s a reason so many rooms like this fall by the wayside. But, with a bit of thought, there’s no reason this space can’t get as much use as any other room in your home.

It’s fair to say that you will need to work a little to guarantee use of your home gym. There’s a reason so many rooms like this fall by the wayside. But, with a bit of thought, there’s no reason this space can’t get as much use as any other room in your home.

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