Showcase Survival Guide: How to Plan the Ultimate Release Party

Showcase Survival Guide: How to Plan the Ultimate Release Party

In the age of new media, throwing a release party or launch party can be a great way for new artists or entrepreneurs to promote their work, celebrate career milestones, and meet like-minded folks. But release parties can be pretty different from your run-of-the-mill celebrations, and it can be tricky to know where to begin when it comes to putting one together. Here are a few of our select tips and tricks for planning the ultimate release party. 

Build an experience

The most memorable parties are parties that invite their guests to interact with your cause for celebration, and this is an element that is integral to any good release party too! For instance, if you’re releasing an album or EP, it’s definitely worthwhile introducing some musical activities like karaoke into your party space, or at the very least hiring a photobooth equipped with props that complement your genre or even your personal aesthetic as an artist. It’s near-effortless sourcing and then booking a photobooth in Melbourne these days, and they’re rapidly becoming a staple in corporate events, weddings, and virtually any other insta-worthy celebration. As photobooths also encourage people to post on social media, they will also greatly improve your release party’s potential to promote your work! Instant snaps also ensure that all your guests walk away with some lovely party favours too. It’s a genuine no-brainer. 

Plan a line-up

If your release party is celebrating an artistic milestone, another way you could go about building an experience would be to find yourself a venue with stage space so you can put together a killer line-up for the night. Live entertainment is always exciting, and it can also encourage more guests to attend your party out of sheer anticipation. At the same time, having a set programme for the night will definitely help keep the party consistently under control and on-theme, which is doubly important for release parties in particular. And if you’ve already found yourself a suitable venue well in advance, getting your setlist together can be as easy as contacting some of your fellow artists and seeing who’d be keen for a gig!

Personalised decor

We’ve spoken a little about the importance of making sure that the purpose of your party is consistently showcased, but now it’s time to really get into why this element can make or break a release party more than any other kind of celebration. From booking a venue to fine-tuning your guest list, organising food and drinks, and virtually everything in between, you want to make sure that your release party is fully geared towards celebrating your milestone and promoting your work. A surefire way of ensuring that your party is always on-point is to invest in some personalised decor like signage, themed decorations, and utilising a consistent colour scheme so that your venue space itself will be promoting your work in every snap that’s taken that night. 

Sharing on social media

Finally, you want to maximise your party’s potential for promoting your work by being proactive about the way your celebration is shared on social media. This can be done through hiring a photobooth as we discussed earlier, but it can also be achieved through the creation of hashtags or through the creation of an event story on social media. You want to encourage your guests to post using your hashtag so that your work will be shared amongst the individual social circles of all your guests as well. It’s all about generating some far-reaching content!

If you consider these little tips during your party planning process, chances are high that your release party will be a wild success and a memorable night!

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