Simple Fun Birthday Party Themes For Girls

Simple Fun Birthday Party Themes For Girls


There are a lot of different birthday party theme options out there for girls. You can have princesses, ballerinas, Barbie or any other toy as a theme but here are 17 bright ideas for when you are looking for something simple and fun that is a little bit different and doesn’t need you to buy too much from a party store. With a little imagination, you can take these birthday party themes for girls as far as you like, or keep them simple but they will always be fun. 17 Bright Ideas also has a birthday party planning template that is free to download. Just sign up as a member then visit our templates page.

Rainbow – This is a simple theme that has lots of options. Decorate with balloons and streamers of bright colours. Serve lollies like skittles, jelly beans and freckles in clear containers. Get an assortment of plain coloured bags to put your take home treats in and for a birthday cake, take a plain cake, cover with white icing then cover the cake with smarties, freckles or hundreds and thousands.

Fruit Salad – You can make this a great health party but still be fun. Decorate with reds and greens. Make your own invitations and get the kids to draw a different fruit on each invite. For food, put together a fruit salad buffet where kids can create their own fruit salad mix. They can also create fruit skewers or fruit necklaces. How about serving jelly cups in orange halves? Serve lollies like bananas, strawberries and cream and pineapples and then play games like Bobbing for Apples or Pass the Orange Under Your Chin.

Cupcakes – This theme is great for young and older girls. Take a look at Pink Frosting for some ideas for decorations and invitations. Make a few batches of plain cupcakes and then lay out a different coloured pots of icing and a mixture of cupcake toppings and get the kids to decorate cup cakes. For a cake, you can make a cup cake tower or just make a big cupcake (cupcake tins available from many stores).

PJ Party – This theme doesn’t just have to be for sleep over parties. Kids love to wear their pyjamas during the day. Put pillows around the place for kids to sit on. Serve pancakes with a breakfast twist. Place a stack of pancakes in the centre of a table and then allow the kids to choose toppings like maple syrup, Coco Pops, Muesli or Fruit Loops. Team that up with delicious, cold milk shakes.

Black & White – This theme is great for older girls. Get all the kids to wear black and white clothing and decorate with black and white (or even a hint of silver). Serve food on silver platters and raid grandma’s house and find some silver candelabras to give a glamorous feel to the event. For the cake, make it chocolate with white icing or make it vanilla with black icing. Why not see if you can get a disco ball to give the party some bling.

Fashion Parade – Little girls love to dress up so why not make it a birthday theme. Set up an area as a run way, find a spot light and put on some catwalk music so the girls can have a fashion parade. Bring out all your dress up clothes, accessories and wigs and put them into some baskets. Put out some mirrors and makeup so the girls can have fun dressing up and putting on a show. You could even hire someone to come and do the girls hair and make-up if you want to take it to the next level.

Fairy High Tea – Choose colours like pink, purple and pale green. Use pretty lace table cloths and tiered stands to place fairy cakes, fairy bread and cucumber finger sandwiches. Take a trip to Lincraft and buy several meters of tulle to tie around chairs and trees to give the party a whimsical feel. As gifts for your guests, give them each a set of fairy wings (about $3-$5 from The Reject Shop) or cut out some wing shapes from cardboard and get your guests to decorate their own wings with glitter and jewels and then fasten them together with some elastic.

Fun at the Beach – If your little girl is sporty or you are having a pool party, this is a fun birthday theme. Decorate the house with frangipanis, beach balls and shells. Give all your guests a flower lei and play the beach boys (if the kids don’t mind!) in the background.  Serve up fruity mocktails that are served in pineapples with umbrellas and get the kids involved in a game of volleyball or cricket, if you have the room. For a quick birthday cake idea, take a square cake, ice half with blue (water) and the other half with crushed biscuit crumbs (sand) and place shell chocolates along the biscuit side of the cake to create a beach scene.

Day Spa – All girls, young and older, love to be pampered. Choose colours like white and aqua and keep the decorations looking fresh and light. See if you can find some inexpensive white slippers for all the girls and set up an area for mini facials (wipe the girls faces with a face wipe and then rub in a great smelling body lotion) or mini manicure (paint the girls nails with coloured or clear polish and pop on some hand cream). Have some relaxing spa music playing in the background and play some low key games like Chinese Whispers and Pass the Parcel. As a party activity, you can even get the girls to make their own home made face mask and then package it up for them to take home. Our e-book has 17 Bright Ideas for homemade beauty treatments you could give a try.

Rock Diva – Decorate in pink and black and give the decorations a rockers edge. If your little girl loves to sing, get the karaoke going and put out some instruments so everyone can be part of the band. Buy some pink and black bangles to give away to the best performers. Make some food with an edge like rocky road and mini pizzas and set it up like a rocks stars back stage party. If you want to be really creative, film the kids as they perform and then give them the CD as a take home gift. A great birthday cake idea is to make a cool rock star guitar. Take a slab cake, cut into a guitar shape then decorate with liquorice to make the strings.

Arts & Crafts – From my experience, girls love doing craft so this is a great theme for birthdays and it will keep the kids occupied while you get food ready. Hire a kids trestle table and put out glue, paint, paper and glitter and see what the kids create. There are loads of websites that offer free colouring-in print outs like Colouring WS. Print out a few pages for kids to colour or take a trip to K-Mart or Big W and pick up stickers and other great craft activities. You could even do plaster painting with companies like Plaster Painting Studios able to send kits out to you for parties. Make a great paint pallet cake (cut out the pallet shape then get different coloured icing to blob on as paint then place some paint brushed along side.) Also, give your guests some pencils as a take home gift instead of lollies.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – Find yourself some mismatched cups and sauces and put on a crazy tea party. Serve marshmallow teacups and lollies inside teacups as well as little sausage rolls and party pies. If you have older kids, serve raspberry cordial in mismatched teapots. Don’t forget to add lots of ribbons to the garden and flowers in bright vases. This theme is all about fun. Play fun games like chasings and treasure hunt, if you have the room. As a cake, you could have a hat or a rabbit going down a hole or even a Cheshire cat, depending on how creative you are.

Ladybirds –  This is a very cute theme for younger girls. Just make everything red and black. For a simple invitation, buy some simple plain red cards and then cover them with some black spot stickers. A ladybird cake is also easy to make. Just ice a cake with red icing, add some freckles for spots and add some liquorice, like this one from The Woman’s Weekly. Just decorate the house with red fabric and black spots.

Ice Cream Bar – The colour scheme should be in pretty pastels. Set up an ice cream buffet with an array of different toppings, sauces and wafters and get kids to help themselves. You can make it as big as your imagination will allow with toppings and ice cream flavours. Zazzle has a huge range or personalised invitations featuring ice creams and if you really want to keep to the theme, get an ice cream cake, they are available at Wendy’s and many other places.

1950’s Sock Hop – One movie that my girls love, which I also love, is Grease and this birthday theme is a great opportunity to bring to life that wonderful movie. Get the kids to dress up with 50’s skirts and socks and play Elvis and Buddy Holly. Serve hamburgers, soda floats (ice cream in soft drink) and milk shakes. If you really want to splurge, hire a juke box to really get into the mood. Here are some companies in Melbourne & Sydney that hire out juke boxed. Decorate the party with old records, pictures of old cars and set up a fun dance floor.

Vintage Paris – This is a great birthday party idea for girls who love a little romance. There are quite a few accessories you can buy with a Paris theme that feature pink and back colours and have the Eiffel Tower on them, like these ones from Get This Party Started. Use pink and black lace and ribbons to decorate and, if you are creative, cut out a big Eiffel Tower from black cardboard and place it behind the food serving area. Give all your guests a beret and serve food like baguettes, quiches and profiteroles. You could also ask guests to dress up in pretty party dresses for this special party. For a cake, you could make a macaroon cake. You can buy macaroons from supermarkets now. Make a cake base and then stick the macaroons to the cake with some icing, or you could simply buy a delicious fruit flan.

On The Farm – There are many companies that will bring animals to your party but if you want to keep the budget low, why not put to use all the fluffy toys you have around the house. Serve corn on the cob, fresh apples and cherries, home made lemonade and sandwiches and decorate with red and white checked table clothes, hay stacks and serve food in baskets. Many party supply stores stock cute plates and cups with animals on them. Why not give all your guests a take home Farm Animal lolly pop like these ones from Discount Party Supplies.


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