Smart Structural Tricks That Will Add More Light To Your Home

Smart Structural Tricks That Will Add More Light To Your Home

Light is an essential component of any home. Without it, your house will feel more like a prison cell than a castle. After all, the sun’s rays are excellent ways to boost your mental and physical health, especially when you can’t get outside to exercise. However, not every property is equal, which is to say that every home is different. So, there’s a chance that your house doesn’t catch and exploit natural light as it should. Instead of accepting your fate, there are smart structural methods that you can use to make your home brighter. 

Here are four that are affordable and accessible to everybody.

Replace Walls With Transparent Materials

Walls are all around you, but not all of them are load-bearing. As a result, you can knock them down and replace them without another type of material if you prefer. Installing glass, for example, will reflect the light that is already in your home around the rest of the interior. Panels, on the other hand, are transparent and prevent light from being blocked and absorbed. Plus, there aren’t too many “chores” that are as fun as taking a sledgehammer to a wall and smashing into a million tiny pieces!

Install A Skylight

Windows and doors are fantastic for letting in light, yet they can only do so much. After all, it’s not as if you can place them everywhere, which means certain areas are going to be dark. Staircases are usually the main culprits as placing a window nearby is very tricky. Thankfully, a skylight is a savvy method for exploiting hard-to-reach space and letting light flood in over the top. You can even incorporate a roof light into the flooring so that natural light flows through each level of the property. Standing on glass is weird at first, but it doesn’t take long for it to become second nature!

Invest In Solar Panels

Yes, investing in solar has incredible benefits that homeowners want to take advantage of for the benefit of their bank balance. Solar panels are brilliant at reducing the property’s carbon footprint and energy bills, two considerable costs in today’s modern world. However, another upside is that they let in light from the roof. Once installed, the translucent feature won’t act as a blocker like the majority of building materials. Rather, small amounts of light will flow through, illuminating what was once a quite dark and barren part of the house.

Connect Spaces

Rooms don’t have to be disconnected. If anything, certain spaces need fluidity so that they don’t appear cold. Take the basement, for instance. At the very bottom of the house, it’s often brightened by ambient lighting rather than UV rays. But, by connecting it to the garden outside, you can add a light, airy feel with hardly any effort. All you require is structural glazing that allows you to connect both areas of the property. That way, the basement doesn’t have to be kept in the dark!

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