Smiggle Paints The Town Red

Smiggle Paints The Town Red

Here at 17 Bright Ideas we are all about interesting ideas and bright things so we thought you might be interested to know that Smiggle (the super cool and fun stationary store that any kid absolutely loves) has a new colour range.


It might take you by surprise that they didn’t have red in the first place but there you go.

Due to overwhelming demand from Smiggle fans, RED is joining the Smiggle colour crews as of 4 August!

Not only is RED the colour of good luck in Chinese, or the colour that makes cars go faster, it is now the colour of your favourite Smiggle pens and pencils, lunchboxes, pencil cases, backpacks, gadgets and gizmos!

According to the bigwigs in at Smiggle, red has been the NUMBER 1 colour requested by fans. “We talk to our fans in store and via social media every day and they’ve been telling us that they want RED!” Smiggle’s Minister for Fun, Emma said. “During our last customer survey, conducted online with responses from over 12,000 fans, 34% of smigglers said that RED was the colour they would most like to see in a Smiggle store. And importantly, it was a fave with both boys and girls.”

Just like Smiggle, RED is joyful, energetic and happy. So this one’s for you RED fans….

So go in store and check out all their red things and let us know what is your kids favourite.


Screenshot 2014-05-11 18.01.29


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