Snap Decisions – Why You Should Consider a Photobooth For Your Next Event

Snap Decisions – Why You Should Consider a Photobooth For Your Next Event

Photobooths have quickly become a popular fixture at modern events. From corporate parties to weddings, photobooths are a sure-fire way to entertain your guests, whilst capturing some amazing memories.

Thanks to their meteoric rise in popularity, photobooths are now an affordable option for any event or party on a budget. If you are contemplating a photobooth for your next big event, but are not quite sure how they work, read on to find out how a photobooth hire service will provide the perfect party favour.

Get the Party Started

No matter what type of event you are hosting, a photobooth is guaranteed to get your guests involved in the party. In fact, photobooths are the perfect opportunity for any shy guests to come out of their shell. Whilst some guests may be intimidated by the presence of a photographer at an event, many will feel comfortable letting loose with silly props and costumes inside a photobooth.

Every event has high points and low points, and the inevitable awkward first hour. Fortunately, having a photobooth is a great form of entertainment to liven up any party. If your band or DJ isn’t getting your guests up dancing, it’s not uncommon to see a long line of excited guests waiting for their turn in the photobooth. Most photobooth hire services now offer real-time slideshow projections of all of the photos that have been snapped during the evening. Nothing encourages a real party like seeing other guests having a great time.

A Memorable Touch

If you are using your event as a method of business promotion, or simply want to ensure that your guests remember your party, a photobooth is a must-have asset for your event. Gone are the days of party bags, let your friends and clients take away a true and personal memento of their evening.

Most photobooth services now offer on-site, instant printing. The more advanced photobooths now also offer the Instagram Printer service, allowing guests to post their picture straight to Instagram and other social media sites. Do you require a custom logo or image to be included in the prints? Easy, just let your service provider know. and they will include your logo or image on the photo strip. Having potential clients or customers walk away with a personalised photostrip from your event, provides amazing publicity for your brand.

Another added bonus of a photobooth for any event, is that you and your guests can receive instant photographs of the evening. While you still may choose to hire a traditional photographer for your event, your guests will have the ability to upload photos in real-time, rather than waiting days or weeks for a photographer to provide pictures.

Flexible and Easy

Organising and running an event is hard work. The last thing any host wants to be doing on the night of the big event, is figuring out how to get a photobooth working. Fortunately, most photobooth hire services employ a staff member to be present for the entire event. The same staff member will be responsible for setting up the booth, ensuring it runs correctly and assisting any of your guests in our out of the photobooth.

Most photobooth hire services also offer flexible packages. This means that you can elect to run the photobooth for the whole event, or only for a few hours at the beginning or end. These flexible packages mean that photobooths can be an affordable option for any event that is running on a tight budget.


Regardless of the occasion, people love to take and retain pictures of an amazing event. In fact, photobooths can be used and loved by people of all ages. Everyone can join in on the fun, and take away a special memento of their amazing evening.

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