Starting A Small Business – Pt1
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Starting A Small Business – Pt1

Written for us by guest blogger – Maria Bellissimo-Magrin – CEO of Belgrin


Do you dream of starting a small business? How does anyone know what to do first or how to prioritise, what is needed to make a small business known to others, on a small budget? OK, so there isn’t a simple formula for this one unfortunately. I wish I had it myself! What I can offer is points on what can assist you during this phase of your business. It takes time, a little bit of money and plenty of perseverance! To make it easier, I am listing each in order of priority:


Starting a small business Tip #1: Design your logo – 

You’re right. It’s awfully tempting skipping the designer and using Microsoft Word to design your logo. Yes, it’s cheaper for you to do this, but what is it costing you? This is the face of your new venture and will be for some time. It’s worth investing in it. You may not be able to afford an agency, but you may have a designer who fits your budget. If not, check out crowd sourcing sites. There’s plenty of designers around the world that are more than willing to design you a logo that suits a shoestring budget – and create much more appealing work than anything that comes out of Word.


Starting a small business Tip #2: Things to remember – 

Is my logo clear and legible? Who am I targeting? What do I want them to think when they see my brand? Will it reproduce well on business cards, website, collateral and apparel?


Starting a small business Tip #3: Design your website – 

Many new business owners skip this important project. Yes, websites can get expensive, but you don’t need the bells and whistles from the get go. Again, if you don’t have the budget, try a crowd sourcing website. Create a small website that is clear about what you do and has an easy-to-use navigation. Don’t overload it with fluff. We’re all time poor and we want to get to the point quickly. Include a call to action like contact me for… or subscribe to our newsletter – whatever the objective of your website is. I recommend building your website in a universal content management system (CMS) like WordPress. This way you can make changes whenever you like and any developer can usually make structural changes when your budget allows.


Next week: Starting a Small Business Part 2.


ABOUT our guest blogger – Maria Bellissimo-Magrin, CEO: Belgrin is a Sydney based communications agency specialised in Design, PR and Social Media, Maria Bellissimo-Magrin is a woman of genuine accomplishment. Her 14 years in the creative industry, combined with a keenly developed business sense, have served to position Belgrin as an industry leader. On the personal level, Maria is charming, fun, intuitive and adventurous – useful qualities for any creative. Add to this a sharp eye for detail and an absolute insistence on getting it right for her clients, every time, and you can see why she is so highly regarded and so widely referred.

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