Start Prepare For Summer Skincare

Start Prepare For Summer Skincare

Looking good under the sun? Only if you’re prepared! The summer can be harsh on the skin, so here’s 17 beauty hacks for preparing for your healthy glow.

Wash More Often

In the summer you’re going to sweat! If you’re going out a lot over the next few months, cleansing your exposed skin twice a day is best. 

Don’t Over Moisturise

Moisturising is essential in the winter, but during the summer, your skin is going to be moist enough on its own! So try using a lighter moisturiser, or one that’s water based. You can find a load of suitable products in lines like aspect skincare.

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Use a Heavier Exfoliator 

Sweat means clogged pores, and clogged pores means breakouts and overly oily skin. That means you’ll need a more thorough, heavy duty exfoliator than you’re used to using. 

Use UV Protection

The sun has a lot to answer for when it comes to skin damage! If you’re going outside in clear skies, make sure you never leave the house without wearing some sunscreen, SPF factor moisturiser, or some makeup that has UV protection. 

Focus on Vitamin C

Antioxidants are much needed during hot and humid months, so try to consume larger amounts of Vitamin C whilst it’s sunny. You can also find a lot of cleansers, toners, and moisturisers packed with Vitamin C

Buy Some Retinol

For the summer time, retinol is a super product. It can make your skin a little more sensitive to the sun, but it’s a killer for dealing with lines and wrinkles the sun can bring about. 

Take Your Time with the Sun

Expose your skin bit by bit, and don’t expose all at once. Go shoulders, and then legs, etc. Get used to the rays! 

Tan On Your Own Terms

Spending time in the sun will bring about a tan, but that can be dangerous. Instead, using a tanning spray or solution from the shop is a lot healthier for your skin. 

Always Apply Lip Balm

Your lips need some care too – make sure you carry a lip balm everywhere for the sensitive skin around your mouth. 

Spray SPF On Your Head

Your scalp can burn too! Use sunscreen on the exposed skin of your hair parting. 

Eat the Right Fruits

Watermelon is key for the summer periods! Plenty of water and skin protection right here! 

Target Your Body Acne

Your entire body is going to get sweaty, so get a body wash specifically for acne on your back and chest. 

Brighten Your Eyes

Protect your eyes from the sun – even just a bit of cucumber works well! 

Hold Off Pigmentation

The sun can darken your skin; get some dropping oil to even these spots out. 

Remove Nose Shine

Noses get real sweaty and shiny, so carry around some powder. 

Have After-Sun Ready

After-sun is key for coming home with red skin; even greek yogurt will work well. 

Try a Face Mask

Finally, using a face mask can restore your skin after a long day! 

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