Starting a home based business – Bright Idea or not?

Starting a home based business – Bright Idea or not?



Wow! We have been in action a whole 2 weeks now and what an exciting time it has been.  We have had new members join our community, we have added many new lists including lists on hair and beauty, and home decorating.  We have had some wonderful comments from members and got hits in the UK, Ireland and France!    We are also in talks with some special guest writers who will be adding lists in the near future.  We thank everyone for joining us so far and hope you telling all your friends.


Personally its also been such an interesting time.  I am pleased to say that Vicki and I still remain friends (even though everyone said don’t go into business with a friend) and whilst Vicki and I kind of report to each other its been great to run our own show.  However as we hit the milestone of launching it left me wondering – was starting a home based business a bright idea or not?   


On the one hand I am blessed that I get to spend the day with my beautiful kids.  I don’t have to worry if my son has a sick day from school and I don’t need time off for the school holidays.  On the other hand I don’t start my job until 7pm, I am not really the boss of my own time – because lets face it the kids are in charge of that, and I don’t get to leave the house to work and socialise. 


So whats best?  Stay at home, go out to work, work at home or some combination of them all?  Tell us what you think is a bright idea……..


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