Stay Healthier With a Spring Clean of Your Home

Stay Healthier With a Spring Clean of Your Home

Now that the cozy evenings in and having people over for the holidays are coming to an end, it might be time to give your home a bit of a spring clean. There are lots of challenges that the winter weather brings with it, and a dirty and germ filled home can be one of them. Which is why a spring clean can be such a good thing for the home. There is plenty to sort and clean over the coming weeks, so here are some ideas to make sure you don’t miss any main germ filled areas.

Clean Your Computer

If you’re going to spread germs around, then it is going to come from the things that you touch most often. For many of us, that will be our computers. The keyboard can be filled with crumbs, as well as other germs. When was the last time you cleaned the keys of your computer? You can use compressed air to get under the keys, as well as taking off the back panel to clean away germs, dust, and things like pet hairs.

Clean Your Carpets

Having had some falling leaves and more mud coming into our homes over the past few months, having a clean carpet, by using someone like PHJ Services, is of paramount importance. Not only will it make your carpet look better, but you can get stains removed and use a detergent to actually make your carpet a much more hygienic place to be.

Clean Ceiling Fixtures

If you have fans on your ceiling or ornate lighting, then they could have been gathering dust over winter. Now that you are more likely to need your ceiling fans, then it is time to make sure that it isn’t going to spread dust and dirt around the room. The same goes for lighting; large clumps of dust can aggravate any allergies your family have, so best to be avoided where possible.

Clean Door and Drawer Handles

As with your computer, you are likely to spread germs if you have germs and dirt on your door and drawer handles. So they should not be forgotten when it comes to cleaning your home. Go around the house, cleaning all handles that people will grab with an antibacterial wipe or spray. You want to eliminate any viruses that are present.

Prepare Outside

While there is less to do on the outside of your home over winter, now spring is here it is a good time to clear away the dirt and grime. A jet washer on driveways and house walls can be a good way to get rid of dirt and mold and get the place looking completely different. Check cracks in walls and driveways, as they could have been made worse in the previous cooler temperatures.

What are you most looking forward to over the next few months? When everyone is healthy and well in a clean home, it makes it easier to enjoy the fun spring season ahead.


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