An Ultra Guide to Stay In Shape Like A Pro

An Ultra Guide to Stay In Shape Like A Pro

Carefully research Google and you may never find another article with the exact title. Most exercise and fitness have titles like “how to get a six-pack in four easy steps,” or “How to lose that post-baby fat in only six weeks.”

The problem is, those famous trainers like Jillian Michaels, Bob Horton (who recently had a heart attack,) Tony Horton and Shaun T, often have very little understanding of the

full mechanics of exercise and the need for rest, and even less an understanding of how strongly the body resists major changes in the body and tries to maintain the status quo.

The two factors which have vitally increased obesity 

There are two vital factors which have helped transform people in general into obsessed couch potatoes:

  •  #1. People don’t work hard like in the previous generations, approximately 72 per cent of the U.S. population were farmers in 1850. Today that figure has shrunk to around 2 per cent of the population. 
  •  #2. The sheer abundance of food American calorie intake has increased over 23 per cent just in the last 30 years. 

Workout and health tips for average people

Some of the best advice from real experts include:

  • – Quit looking at the scale, measure instead People are obsessed with numbers when it comes to weight loss. While it sounds great to say, “I lost 10-pounds on the grapefruit diet, chances are most of that weight loss is more than likely water loss. Weigh yourself once a month, or even once every three months. In turn, use a tape measure and carefully mark how exactly your body has changed.
  • – You don’t need to exercise for hours at a time The Biggest Loser contestants exercised 8 plus hours per day and look where it got them. Instead, shoot for 30-minutes per day of healthy exercise that makes you sweat. Perhaps even 15 if you are lifting weights.  When you exercise, you actually stress the body, and the body responds by rebuilding the torn down muscle just a little bit stronger. But it doesn’t take that long to stress the body, and unless you are training for a half-marathon or something, a little bit of exercise goes a long way.
  • – Divide your workout into part bodybuilding, part aerobics Do a few, combined exercises such as bench presses, squats, and deadlifts, work hard for 10-minutes, then spend five minutes with rigorous aerobics, but done slowly for the first two minutes, then speed up for the last three minutes. 
  • – Consider an  Intra Workout:  An intra workout allows you to stop for a minute or two and take a power aid or supplement to help you power through the rest of your workout. It’s really good if you are pushing yourself. 
  • – Workout 3 times a week  – MaxA big mistaking is working out too often. Your body needs rest between workouts. Three workouts a week should be the max.
  • – Warm-up and cool down every time you workout. The goal is to exercise without injuring yourself. Warming up and cooling down she be a part of every exercise session, as should be light stretching.
  • – Use the proper form in every exercise You see it all the time. People powering up a bench press by arching their back, or people doing curls by pumping their knees up and down so that at least 50 per cent or more of the exercise is pure waste. Get a trainer if you have to for a session or two, but no matter which exercises you perform, do them with precise precision. It makes all the difference 
  • – Don’t ever believe the hype – Count on slow growth, with occasional spurts of power and athletic increase You most likely will never have 18-inch arms or get a six-pack. Who cares? Exercise for your health first, and if there are modest benefits like dropping a size in your dress size or pants size, so much the better. Exercise is about treating your body right and enjoying life to the fullest. 

A few examples 

Wrestler and fitness advocate John Cenna has frequently injured both his pectoral tendon and injured a herniated disk in his neck. Virtually almost all but one of the Biggest Loser candidates, who exercised up to 8-hours per day while on the show, gained a hundred pounds or more post-show.

That’s your take on exercise and diet. Go slow, be careful, and love yourself.

(Remember to always consult a medical professional before you embark on any new diet or exercise regime.)

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