Staying Strong Under Fire

Staying Strong Under Fire

Thanks so much to our members for submitting list topics and questions.  We love to hear from you so we know what you want to hear.  Our question of the week from members is:

Q:”How do you stay strong when the kids are pressing all your buttons?”

Great question!  I’ m not sure I am the best person to answer this one as staying calm in the face of the kids barrage is not my strongest point, so I can definitely benefit from doing some research on this one.  Some tips and tricks I will be trying are:

  • Express Your Emotions – don’t bottle everything up.  Let them know that you are getting frustrated.  Letting out some emotion may stop you boiling over and help you to stick with the game plan.
  • Positive self talk – tell yourself – “They are not out to get me”.  ” They are not doing this to annoy me”, as opposed to “Why are they doing this to me”.  Kids will react if you react so the calmer you can be the more likely they are to calm down.
  • Have a pre thought out response.  You know that at some stage the kids will want to test their boundaries and test your patience.  When you are calm think about what you are going to do when this happens – naughty corner?, time out?, removing phone/computer access, etc.  Have a pre prepared plan so when the time comes and you are getting upset you don’t need to make spur of the moment decisions and end up cancelling Christmas.  All you need to do is enact your plan and sit back and feel in control.
  • Walk away – sometimes the fight just isn’t worth it – pick your battles.
  • Don’t buy in – don’t start or get dragged into a war of worlds.  Keep your statements short, sharp and to the point.

When the fuss had died down try and do something fun and positive with the kids to swing the momentum back the other way.

Hope that helps.  Let me know how you get on.




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