17 Bright Ideas to Help You Stop Worrying About Your Child

17 Bright Ideas to Help You Stop Worrying About Your Child

Stop worrying about your child, get help and relax. A large number of childhood problems are common among parents, and here at 17 bright ideas we have a wealth of information from parenting experts and parents alike, to help you stop worrying about your child, and enjoy the journey.  So here are our tips for common parent worries in – 17 Bright Ideas to Help You Stop Worrying About Your Child:

“They still suck their thumb” – 17 Bright Ideas for How to stop thumb sucking can help. https://17brightideas.com.au/how-to-stop-thumbsucking/

“They don’t eat properly and they are so fussy” – Kids will not willingly starve themselves. They will eat if they are hungry. Keep offering them a variety of healthy foods and they will eventually eat something. 17 Bright Ideas on how to Get Kids to Eat Healthy will help. https://17brightideas.com.au/how-to-get-kids-to-eat-healthy/

“They keep saying I’m bored” – You are not a bad parent if your kid gets bored or has to amuse themselves for a while. In fact it is actually good for them as it makes them think creatively about what they can do, and improves their concentration skills as they are not being stimulated every minute. Ban all technology and TV, tell them to go and play and you may just be surprised at what they will find to do.   Lead them in the right direction with these 17 bright ideas for vintage games and sports https://17brightideas.com.au/vintage-outdoor-games-sports/

“They are so naughty when we go out” – Worried your child’s turning into a criminal! Don’t exaggerate bad behavior. Just because your child has a massive tantrum in the middle of a shopping centre doesn’t mean he is going to do it at his year 12 graduation! Worse still just because a 3 year old steals toys from other kids at pre-school, don’t inform the police to keep a jail cell free for him. Most kids grow out of most things. For 17 bright ideas on improving your parenting powers see https://17brightideas.com.au/17-bright-ideas-for-improving-your-parenting-powers/

“They are so shy won’t let go of me when we go out” – You know exactly the kids I mean. The ones that look like a koala attached to a tree on their parent’s leg? 17 Bright Ideas for Improving Confidence and Self Esteem in Children could help. https://17brightideas.com.au/17-bright-ideas-for-building-self-esteem-and-confidence-in-your-children/

“They hate sport” You and your partner love sport – you loved it as a kid, you play it, watch it and dream of big things for your little sporty angels. You book them into all sorts of sports – soccer, dancing, swimming, netball, cricket, and gymnastics. They are going to love it sooo much and be so fit and healthy! Ahhhhhh – they cried because they didn’t want to do it.  They hate it. Don’t stress – they may grow to like it, they may want to do another sport or they may want to do another activity instead. Doesn’t mean they won’t grow up fit and healthy.

“They are so disrespectful”– 17 bright ideas for improving kids behaviours could be of some assistance. https://17brightideas.com.au/improve-kids-behaviour/

“They all fight with each other all the time”– yes – they all do! Console yourself that when they are adults they will hopefully stop. If staying at home over the holidays is too much to bear consider these places to take the kids rain hail or shine. https://17brightideas.com.au/rainy-day-places-to-visit-with-kids/

“I am so nervous about going on holidays with them” Our 17 Bright Ideas for Travel Essentials when holidaying with the kids will take all the stress out of your next trip. https://17brightideas.com.au/17-bright-ideas-for-travel-essentials-when-holidaying-with-kids/

“Are my kids safe when they are online” – What are your kids doing on the Internet? Our 17 Bright Ideas for Keeping Kids safe online with help your navigate this minefield. https://17brightideas.com.au/17-tips-for-keeping-kids-safe-online/Daredevil

“My child is doing exams but I don’t know how to help them” -Eeeeeck exams. A necessary evil. Stressful for kids and parents alike. Here are 17 Bright Ideas for parents of kids doing exams, to help you https://17brightideas.com.au/17-bright-ideas-for-parents-of-kids-doing-exams/

“I’m not sure we get on” If you have been having some rocky times with your kids, or even if you just want to continue to strengthen your relationship with your child then here are 17 bright ideas for improving my relationship with my child. https://17brightideas.com.au/how-to-improve-my-relationship-with-my-child/

“They have no concept of money and think it grows on trees” – Teach your little ones about the value of money with one of our most popular lists: 17 Bright Ideas to Teach Kids About Money – https://17brightideas.com.au/teach-kids-about-money/

“We seem to be drifting apart” –You were once very close but now the communication seems to have slowed- https://17brightideas.com.au/17-bright-ideas-for-improving-parent-child-relationships/

“I spent so much time playing with my first child now my third child practically has to raise himself” – Don’t be so hard on yourself. Take a look at our tongue in cheek 17 Bright Ideas for How to Tell a 1st Baby from a Last https://17brightideas.com.au/how-to-tell-a-1st-baby-from-a-last-baby/

“My kids are always getting sick” – Kids and sniffy noses kind of go together but boost your child’s immunity with these 17 Bright Ideas. https://17brightideas.com.au/immunity-boosting-foods/

“Are my kids safe from toxins and hazards” – Check out our 17 Bright Ideas for Hazards for Kids you may have overlooked so you can feel safe around the house. https://17brightideas.com.au/17-bright-ideas-for-hazards-to-kids-you-may-overlook/

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