Wierd things to do

Wierd things to do

This week has been a little crazy.  It was all going really well – I got a new haircut and colour and I am really happy with it ( Thanks Leesa – Good Luck with your teaching certif!!).   I did a days work for the Cancer Council – feeling warm and fuzzy for helping and loving spending a day in city office in a suit!  And then it happened………………… my 3yr old stuck a piece of Lego up his nose!  What a wierd thing to do!

At first I wasn’t sure if it was actually there.  I got conflicting stories from my three little informants and they all changed their stories at least twice each.  Without being able to confirm it definetly wasnt there I dumped my older son at school ( literally poor thing) and raced off the local hospital emergency department.  When I got there I realised my daughter was still in her dress up clothes (princess of course) and my son had his breakfast all over his top.  At this stage I was feeling like the greatest mother in the world – how could I have let him do that!  Poor little thing.  After various attempts at removal by at least 2 different doctors we were sent away with Lego still in place and told the Childrens Hospital would contact us.

After telling my story in the playground that afternoon many Mums seemed to have similar stories – peas were popular, especially ones that stayed up there for a week and emitted a strange odour!  There was a cherry stone to the ear, 2 beads up both nostrils and carrot in an ear.  What’s with kids sticking things in strange locations??

If your child has done something strange let us know.  Please…….. It will make me feel better 🙂






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