17 Bright Ideas for a Stress Free Life

17 Bright Ideas for a Stress Free Life

Is a stress free life possible? probably not. However, there are moments in life when you feel the need to resume the reins of your own destiny. Start with spring cleaning of your home and yourself. To regain the lost energy for a clean mind and a positive change, here are 17 tips that will help you regain happiness, written for us by Don Ang.

Do you know the Dirty Dozen? – A stress free life means feeling good about yourself and your body. Not washing fruits and veggies is a real crime. Rinsing is not enough. Purchasing biological food could be the perfect option although considerably expensive. Our advice? Make the right choice. Choose organic for vegetables you can eat the peel, like apples and tomatoes. These foods, along with many other. like spinach, peppers and cucumbers are part of the ‘dirty dozen’, the products with the highest content in pesticide residues.

Use herbicides intelligently – Many people love gardening and cultivating a small garden at home, but be careful not to get carried away by herbicides. Nobody likes to see herbs and plants infested, but it is important to know that the chemical substance used to eliminate them are real killer for the human body. Yes, it sounds extreme, but it’s true, then opt for natural herbicides. Do not forget Composting is an excellent method to fertilize your garden.

Take advantage of fresh products – The food we buy at the supermarket is full of pesticides and other threats, so if you do not wash them well, they can be downright toxic. One solution would be to buy fresh products at the local market. The fruits and vegetables are fresher, less chemically treated and cheaper! There is no reason not to, right?

Set a budget – Cleaning up your life is not just about the body and mind! Create a functional budget and work to achieve your financial goals. You do not need to spend all the money you earn or save every single penny. Work toward a goal, you will feel much better about yourself and your life! 

Stop spending money on unnecessary things – With all the hard work you do every day, it is your right to enjoy every last penny earned. But sometimes our lives, and our homes are filled with unnecessary things we buy compulsively. Be wise and think twice before purchasing things you don’t really need.

Be aware of the people you keep – Spending time with people that bring you down and don’t make you feel good about yourself is toxic to our minds and body. Surround yourself with people who can inspire, motivate, support, encourage you and love for who you are. These are the same people you see with you when thinking about the future. 

Create your own cleaning products – Most of the products we buy in the shops are full of chemicals, so why not create our products for cleaning the house alone? On the web you will find plenty ideas on how to make cleaning detergents yourself, or you could of course you just follow the old advice of our grandmothers.  diynatural.com. Check here for some DIY detergents

Never wear shoes at home – In several Asian countries, taking of onces shoes before entering the house is a common practice. This will allow you to not carry around the dirt and keep the house clean. In addition, this will help you to reduce any unpleasant odors and preserve the quality of the floor.

Limit social media – Whenever we consult Facebook, Twitter or Instagram we steal hours and hours of our real social life. Try to create strong  real and not virtual relationships . Try to limit the use of social media to only one hour per day, you will notice the difference. 

Recycle – Recycling is not just about helping to preserve natural resources and save energy, but also helps reduce the amount of toxins in the home, as well as make you feel really beneficial to the environment. 

Plan- Nothing is more upsetting than a messy house. Start to put things away and give him adequate space. An organized home will put you at ease and generally make you feel happier. Have a look on how to make it happen.

Drink herbal teas– Drink plenty of water and tea will help to cleanse your body and eliminate harmful toxins, such as the dandelion tea. Or drink a cup of green tea with every meal, it will help to minimize bacterias, reducing the risk of disease exposure, and also to fight tooth decay as well bad breath. Check these tips and types of teas you should drink.

Purchase a houseplants – It’s not often said, but houseplants actually bring many health benefits. They will help to purify the air you breathe, thus improving your health. 

Think positive – Overcoming negative thoughts can be more difficult than we think. Negative experiences and resentment can take root in us and change our attitudes.  Write your daily thoughts and replace  negative with positive ones. Repeat this exercise daily, until you manage to permanently remove negative thoughts. 

Sleep more – Do not skimp on sleep! Often we deprive ourselves of several hours every night; but without the proper rest our body can not function properly. Sleep at least 8 hours a day and make this one of your priorities.

Use natural products for your skincare – Change your beauty arsenal and switch to organic and natural products. Natural products are highly effective and provide visible results in   long term.

Make Yourself Stress Less – Take a few deep breaths and think about whether the issue is worth getting stressed about.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.


ABOUT: Donald is the founder and CEO of the MonDonald Group Holdings Company, a multinational company that oversees and manages subsidiaries across the world.

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